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China's Export of Yarn by Provinces in Jan - Sept, 2006 [2006-11-20]
Home Textiles Export by Major Commodities in Jan.- Aug. 2006 [2006-10-25]
Home Textiles Export by Major Provinces in Jan.- Aug. 2006 [2006-10-25]
China's Import/Export of Textile & Apparel in Jan.-Aug.2006 [2006-10-24]
China’s Apparel & Clothing Accessories Export Statistics in Jan - Aug 2006 [2006-10-16]
China's Exports of Fabrics in Jan.-Aug.In 2006(By Major Markets ) [2006-10-12]
Ameirican Import of Textile& Apparel from China in Jan. - Aug.2006 [2006-10-12]
China's Imp/Exp of Textile/Apparel in Jan. - Jul.2006 ( By country) [2006-09-04]
China's Fabric Exports in Jan.-June by Major Markets [2006-08-23]
Output of China's Main Textiles in July [2006-08-22]
China's Import of Textile Machnery in 1 half, 2006 [2006-08-17]
China Cotton Import and Export Table (Jan.-June) [2006-08-14]
China Cotton Yarn/Fabric Import and Export Table (June) [2006-08-14]
Import & Export 0f China's Knitwear in Jan.to Jun., 2006 [2006-08-09]
China's Imp/Exp. of Textile/Apparel in Jan. to June 2006 [2006-08-02]
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