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The 19 th Intertextile Apparel Fabrics be held on October 21-24

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Sponsored by China National Textile and Apparel Council, Jointly hosted by CCPIT textile industry branch, China textile information center, Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) Co., LTD,the 19 th China International Trade Fair (autumn and winter) for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (“intertextile apparel fabrics” for short)be hold in Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 21-24.
This time,15 exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center were used, a display area of 175,020 square meters. More than 3700 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions got together in this exhibition. Of which, more than 2592 domestic exhibitors and more than 1162 overseas exhibitors.
For domestic exhibitors, the display areas are mainly located in E1-E7,N1-N3,W4-W5 halls, According to different use, the display areas can be divided into formal wear fabrics district, fashionable women’s fabrics district, casual wear fabrics district, sports wear fabrics district, shirt fabrics district, denim fabrics district, underwear fabrics district and accessories district. Some local specialty exhibition pavilions from Shaoxing, Shengze, Shishi, Xiaoshan, Haining, Huzhou, Xiqiao, Changle and Hemp Association also took part in the exhibition.
According to the organizer, in addition to the conventional display areas, they also set up six specialty display districts. Of which, “Beyond Denim” pavilion is a professional denim fabric display area. It located at E3 hall. The products contain traditional denim fabrics as well as some new, environmentally friendly, fashion denim fabrics.
Underwear and swimwear fabrics boutique display area located at N1 hall. Including 22 international famous brands’ fabric suppliers from Fujian Changle warp knitting cluster, nearly 50 high-quality underwear and swimwear fabrics manufacturers got together in this boutique display area. Exhibitors who carry the latest styles will fully demonstrate China’s warp knitting fabric products.
This year, the artificial plush /fur display area has a great promotion, it located at E4 hall, a total of 40 domestic exhibitors, an exhibition area of nearly 1000 square meters. Artificial plush /fur fabric as a relatively young category got more expectation and attention.
Accessories were shown at E6, E7 halls .Recently, accessories has become the important factors in improving added value of clothing products. The more than 500 accessories exhibitors from home and abroad got together. In addition to zippers, buttons, trade marks and lining, several traditional products, there are also many new accessories, like heat transfer, beads drill, scarves, belts, and other categories. Accessories exhibitors will pay more and more attentions to design new products and brand building.
The theme of “ Innotex Space” (technological innovation textile space) is “energy saving”. It located at W5 hall. There are 11 new technology enterprises and 16 new material enterprises. They showcased the industry’s cutting-edge science and technology and award-winning results.

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