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China Textile Trading Network's turnover up to 50 billion Yuan in the first half

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In July 30th, Keqiao flagship Service Center of China Textile Trading Network  officially opened. So far, China Textile Trading Network's service centers has reached 16. It further expanded the industrial agglomeration advantages and enhanced the functions of electronic commerce in entity transaction.

China Textile Trading Network was verified by eight Ministries and Commissions and was approved by Zhejiang Government. It was the first online electronic trading platform of domestic textile industry. Its daily turnover exceeded 300 million Yuan. For the past 6 months, China Textile Trading Network's turnover up to 50 billion Yuan.

China Textile Trading Network is an e-commerce third partner service platform. It established by Shaoxing China Textile City online trading market Co., Ltd in 2007. And, in May of 2012, it was bought by BinHai Logistics Group. It is known that China Textile Trading Network uses a online concentrate ordering trading model. It provides online concentrated trade system for production enterprises, consumers and traders. In order to serve members, 7 service centers had been set in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Xiaoshan, Qianqing, Cixi and in others material supplying areas.

Zhejiang Province clean production action plan(2013~2017)was announced

In order to further implement the Cleaner Production Promotion Law, fully plan and promote the work of next phase, Zhejiang Province recently issued the "Zhejiang province cleaner production action plan (2013~2017)".

The overall goal of Zhejiang province cleaner production action: by the year of 2017, some fairly complete cleaner production policies and regulations, technical standards, supervision and management service system will be basically established. Cleaner production action will extend from a single enterprise to industry park, from industrial area to agriculture and service areas. it will enhance the scale effect. The overall level of cleaner production will improve significantly. Some key industries will lead the national level. The enterprises which through the clean production examination will increase greatly. Develop and apply some advanced clean production technologies. Cultivate some green industrial parks and a number of green demonstration enterprises. Build a number of high level, professional intermediary service institutions.

The requirements of the plan: strict manage and control the consumption of energy, water and raw materials. strict manage and control the emission of solid, liquid, gas and other harmful substances. Speed up cleaner production actions in electric power, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, papermaking, printing and dyeing, lead-acid batteries, cement, leather, chemical fiber, metallurgy, machinery and electroplating industries.

The EU trade with China in April showed a positive growth for the first time since this year.

According to the latest trade data released by Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union) in July 16th, the EU trade with China in April valued 33590 million Euros, increased by 1.2% year on year, a positive growth for the first time since this year.

The EU overall import and export volume had a growth of 6% year on year. The EU trade with China accounted for 11.4% of the EU overall import and export volume. China is the EU's second largest trading partner after the United States. In April, the EU exports to China valued 12670 million Euros, up 12% year on year, the highest monthly growth since July of last year. The EU exports to China accounted for 8.4% of total EU exports. The EU's total export growth of 14.7% over the same period.

China is the EU's third largest export market. The EU imports from China valued 20920 million Euros in April, down 4.5% year on year. The EU's total imports down 2% year on year. The EU imports from China accounted for 14.7% of total EU imports. China still is EU's largest imports area.

This month, the EU- China trade deficit of 8250 million Euros, dropped 22% year-on-year.

Silver fiber fabric has become the new cosset in textile industry

The combination of hi-tech with people's need is a development trend of 21 Century in fabric. Following closely the scientific forward position, the silver fiber radiation-proof clothing is the pacesetter in textile industry. According to the relevant experts, the silver fiber fabric is expected to open a new generation of fashion tide.

Silver is good for human body. Long ago, our ancestors usually made tableware and jewelries from silver. Silver products also be used to save water and food to prevent deterioration and decay. Later, people often use silver in wound care to prevent festering.

Silver not only has a good electric conductivity, but also has strongly shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic wave. In recent years, people employ the new technologies and apply silver to textile fabrics. The clothing made from silver fiber fabric is widely used in the fields of health care, underwear, home textiles, sports, medical etc.

Shaoxing has become the regional brand in eiderdown products

According to incomplete statistics, more than 90% down jacket fabrics procured from the Textile City, more than 80% down stuffing produced in Qixian, Huashe and surrounding areas. For domestic and international famous down jacket brands, about 40% of them complete their designs in Keqiao. Shaoxing has become the regional brand in eiderdown products.

Affected by avian influenza, the price of down stuffing material rose greatly. Shaoxing BeiChen textile technology Co., Ltd. is still busy producing down products. The company had become the first one in sales of feather bed goods in Taobao since 2009. Its sales increased steadily. Its brand - BaiSiHan has become a leader in national eiderdown home textile industry.

Down stuffing production is distributed mainly over Qixian and Huashe two places. Last year, down stuffing production valued nearly 500 million Yuan in Qixian. Most of them are workshops. There are more than 80% down stuffing produced in Qixian, Huashe and surrounding areas.

Down jacket fabrics can be found everywhere in Shaoxing textile city. There are more than 90% down jacket fabrics made in Keqiao.

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