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Shaoxing County issue exhausts gas emission standards of setting machine

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How much exhaust gas emissions of setting machine of Printing and dyeing industry will be overweight? Shaoxing county take the lead to provide a precise limits in the country: Maximum allowable emission of particulate matter concentrations does not exceed 30 mg/m3, soot concentration does not exceed 40 mg/m3, regulated by local standard DB330621/T001-2013 which came into effect on 1st May.

Exhaust gas emissions of setting machine is a seriously problem to atmospheric environment but there is not national or industry standards to regular it. For this reason, this year Shaoxing County quality inspect bureau led 4 departments including bureau of environmental protection, bureau of economy, Shaoxing County via letter, bureau of work safety, Lizhu town to develop the local standards.

According to introduction, this standard is mainly based on actual situation of Shaoxing County to set limits of exhaust gas sampling, detection methods, detailed regulations, waste gas treatment equipment, etc.

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