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More than 80% domestic cotton will be stored up In 2013

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Up to the 4th of January, 2013, the accumulated turnover of storage cotton reached 5229000 tons, accounting for 75% of cotton production. More than 80% domestic cotton will be purchased and stored up In 2013. In addition to the cotton not up to the standard and the cotton purchased by spinning enterprises in urgent need.

Up to the27th of December, China Cotton Reserves Corporation had set the cotton storage capacity layout of total 7290000 tons; Purchasing and storage listing volume increased from 50000 tons to 130000 tons everyday; It had signed a big contract of 1340000 tons; 950000 tons cotton had been shipped from Xinjiang by railway, an increase of 23.4%y/y. Although the spot cotton price continued to rise after cotton purchasing and storage, only 19200 yuan / tons. The spot cotton price still lower than purchasing and storage price(20400 yuan / ton). Selling cotton to China Cotton Reserves Corporation is still a preferred channel for cotton processing enterprises.

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