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In January-July 2012, wearing prices rose by 3.3% y/y

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On August 9, the National Statistical Office released data shows: in July, the general level of consumer prices in China rose by 1.8 % y/y.

According to statistics, in January-July, the data rose by1.9% in urban, the data rose by1.5% in rural; Food prices rose by 2.4%, non-food prices rose by 1.5%;Consumer goods prices rose by 1.7%, services goods prices rose by 2%.wearing prices rose by 3.3%.Among them, clothing prices rose by 3.6%, footwear prices rose by 2.3%.In January-July, the national average level of overall consumer prices rose by 3.1% compared with the same period in last year.

In July, the overall level of China’s consumer prices rose by 0.1%m/m. the data rose by0.1% in urban, the data rose by0.1% in rural; Food prices fell by 0.1%, non-food prices rose by 0.2%;Consumer goods prices fell by 0.1%, services goods prices rose by 0.6%.Among them, wearing prices fell by 0.5%.

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