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Wipes can be safely composted

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Lenzing Tencel and Lenzing Viscose fibres, which are based on the renewable raw material wood, were recently awarded the OK compost HOME certificate from Belgian certification company Vincotte. Vincotte examines and recognizes products which are suitable for both industrial composting as well as for disposal in individual garden composters.

In addition, nonwovens made from 100% Tencel and Lenzing Viscose are said to be biodegradable within just a few weeks, a fact which Din Certco already recognized in 2008 by conferring its compostability certificate.

“The logo ‘OK compost HOME” from Vincotte is a further decisive step which clearly distinguishes us from the competition. Household wipes made of 100% Tencel and Lenzing Viscose can be effectively and harmlessly added to kitchen waste and put directly in the garden composter. As a result, the botanic cycle is completed for consumers, starting with the renewable raw material wood and ending with the return to nature,” says Elisabeth Stanger, Marketing Director, Business Unit Nonwovens at Lenzing.

According to Lenzing, the most environmentally compatible waste material is one which never arises in the first place. However, the company says, waste cannot be completely avoided and for this reason, waste management (i.e. recycling and the proper and professional disposal of waste) is a key issue.

“Composting comprises one possibility to decompose readily usable organic material and to deploy compost material to improve the properties of the soil in the garden and for agricultural purposes,” the Austrian fibre producer says.

“Increasing environmental awareness along the supply chain leads to the desire for greater transparency. Eco-labels, certificates and awards give the consumer more security in defining and selecting high-quality environmentally-friendly and biologically degradable products”

“For the Lenzing Group, the world market leader for man-made cellulose fibres, environmental certifications comprise a notable factor for its business success as they provide proof of high environmental standards that are practiced and lived.”

Lenzing’s Business Unit Nonwoven Fibers not only offers its customers an extensive product range with environmental awards now complemented by a logo for home composting, but also offers professional support in further certification along the distribution chain.

The Lenzing Group is a world market leader with headquarters in Austria, production sites in all major markets as well as a worldwide network of sales and marketing offices. Lenzing supplies the global textile and nonwovens industry with high-quality man-made cellulose fibres and is the leading supplier in many business-to-business markets. The portfolio ranges from dissolving pulp, standard and specialty cellulose fibres to high-quality plastic polymer products and engineering services.

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