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China Textile Center will open the online trading system

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Recently, Zhejiang Shaoxing China Textile Center Construction and Management Committee Director Feng Hualin said in a 2012 conference on economic work that, with the rapid development of Online Textile Center, the official opening of the online trading system will be in this year. At the same time, foreign languages versions, such as English and Japanese, will also be made on the website of Online Textile Center, while a matching storage and logistics center is also in preparation. In order to build a global textile and e-commerce platform, China Textile Center will set up offices in Italy, ready for a clean sweep of fashion trends.

Currently, the registered members of the Online Textile Center are more than 1.6 million, with daily visits over two million times. While creating a professional online market, they are also building an excellent real market of China Textile Center. It is understood that the north city of the China Textile Center has been officially put into use in the beginning of this year, merchant occupancy rate has reached 70%.

Addition to the Textile Center and a number of new markets, western markets and some other old markets are also expected to take new look. Even more noteworthy is that the China Textile Center this year is expected to open sub-markets and offices in Russia, by way of cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, integrate international brands.

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