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Deposit reserve rate reducing benefits large enterprises

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From November 30th, China People’s Bank reduced deposit-taking financial institutions RMB deposit reserve rate by 0.5 percentage point. Economists believe that the reserve rate reducing will help enterprises in the current complex situation, to maintain stable and rapid economic growth.

It is learned that after reducing the deposit reserve rate, large bank deposit reserve rate is 21%, medium and small size of financial institutes deposit reserve rate is 17.5%. The reducing of the reserve rate indicated that the central bank’s policy shifted from “inflation control”, to “steady growth, structural adjustment”. CPI continued to decline provided conditions to the shift. PMI declined breaking 50% indicated that the risk of economy’s hard landing increased, so the shift of currency policy became very urgent and necessary.

Gao Yong, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Textile Industry Association, believed that, it’s good news for textile industry that the banks reduced the RMB deposit reserve rate, especially there is positive effect on large textile enterprises. Yet for the majority of small and medium sized enterprises, it’s not very much meaningful.

According to statistics, by the end of October, the deposit balance of financial institutes is 79209 billion Yuan, down 0.5 percentage points by estimation, this reduction in the banking reserve rate will release about 396 billion Yuan of funds, which helped to ease the pressure on the deposit – loan ratio and good at the liquidity of the banking sector.

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