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The threshold of textile products to Taiwan raised

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With the implement of the mandatory inspection system in Taiwan from January 1, 2012 on clothing, underwear, towels, sweaters, swimwear, hosiery, bedding and other products, the technology threshold of textile products export to Taiwan will be further increased.

According to regulations, textile and apparel products export to Taiwan must comply with CNS 15290 textile safety standards (General requirements) standard. The main test items include various chemical items, component analysis and physical security items, at the meanwhile, the ingredients label, washing label and place of origin need to be attached on the products. Once the product passed the mandatory inspection, it should be attached with commodity inspection identification on the product, or on the tag or on the other packaging materials. Moreover, Taiwan inspection department prohibits retailers to sell textile products without such inspection identification.

Mandatory inspection system for textile requirements became more stringent, almost equal to the requirements in the United States, the European Union and other countries. The implement of it will raise the technology threshold of textile products exported to Taiwan.

Ten billion credit will be provided to small and medium enterprises

December 5, Ministry of Commerce and Bank of Beijing signed “promoting small and micro enterprise financing development strategic cooperation agreement” in Beijing. According to the agreement, in the next five year, Bank of Beijing will provide 10 billion credit to those small and medium business enterprises supported by ministry of commerce.

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