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Highlighted Development Areas of Textile Machinery Industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan period

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Hi-tech fiber processing equipments

China´s domestic R&D of hi-tech fiber such as carbon fiber, high-temperature resistant aramid 1313, 1314, UHMWPE fiber, PPS, polyimide fiber, basalt fiber and PSA are beginning to boom in recent years. Equipments relative to this field, however, rely largely on importation from western developed countries. Reinforcing the development of hi-tech fiber processing machinery for the next five years would be a new growth pole for China textile industry.

-Differential and functional fiber processing equipments

To fulfill the burgeoning market demand of apparel and home textiles industry, differential and functional fiber processing machinery to produce cotton-like, silk-like and wool-like chemical fiber shall be highlighted.

-Automated production lines

The comparative advantage of China´s cheap labor era is fading away. Cost upsurge nowadays urged China textile companies to focus on the R&D of automated production lines in the sectors of spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and garment-making. Internet of things is another underlined area that calls for immediate concern.


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