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Operation Performance of China Textile Machinery Industry during the 11th FYP

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  During the 11th Five-Year Plan (11th FYP) period (2006 ~ 2010), China textile machinery industry was listed as an underlined industry serving as one of the major programs for the revitalization of China′s national equipment manufacturing industry. The industry scale embraced consistent expansion over the last five years hailing doubled sales revenue. Export also witnessed rapid growth and more local enterprises started out investing offshore. Enormous achievement has been made by China textile machinery industry and the international competency has been edging up.
  Whole industry striding forward
  Production: Overall industrial output of China textile machinery industry at the end of the 10th FYP was 37.7757 billion CNY while this figure surged all the way to 86.492 billion CNY at the end of the 11th FYP. Average growth was 18.03 percent per annum with production/sales ratio reaching 97.4 percent.
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