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Lots of business, less visitors – Texworld

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The latest session of Texworld proved to be very much a paradox. Most exhibitors went away satisfied with their order books, but the number of visitors was down: 16,349, that is 4.39% less than in February 07 (17,100).

This confirms that the show has the right strategy, that of continually improving service to professional buyers who come to Texworld not as "tourists" but to meet their suppliers and place orders.

Fewer visitors:
This lower figure is explained by a fall in visitors from the European Community, in particular France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, although there were more visitors from Scandinavia and Ireland.

Without going into a detailed analysis, it would seem that the show welcomed fewer observers who normally come to Texworld on behalf of various organisations to check developments in the world of European shows.

Essentially Texworld received professional buyers who came to work and do business with their long distance suppliers, according to their intentions.

Despite this, there was a good number of Russians and purchasers from the countries of Eastern Europe. There were also fewer Asian visitors, but not so marked, apart from the South Koreans and Taiwanese.

Conversely, there were more from America (despite the dollar being weak against the Euro), that is the United States, Canada and above all Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Argentina. Of the visitors coming from African countries, there were increased numbers of Moroccans, Tunisians and Algerians.
A hive of activity:
These results do not reflect the real business of the show, which was much better than last September, with exhibitors doing very well, finding both loyal customers and new buyers.

Some displayed their order books, which filled from day to day. This was true for both wool and denim, cotton and silk, embroidery and dyed fabrics.

The industry was well represented and visitor quality was high. There was no doubt that more companies came, but with fewer representatives, obviously because they were economising.

They valued the increasingly creative products of Texworld's exhibitors, with their excellent price/quality ratio which makes them particularly competitive on the Western market.

They are increasingly getting used to coming to Paris Le Bourget, and the difficulties associated with setting up Texworld in a new place in February 07 are long gone. The improvement in transport and comfort was very marked.

The quality of exhibitors' products and the show's organisation are therefore promising for business at future sessions. Next Texworld meeting: Monday the 22 to Thursday the 25 September 2008 at Paris le Bourget.

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