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The Italian TIC industry is strongly export-oriented: actually, more than 62% of the total
turnover is achieved thanks to foreign markets. The figure of 26.6 billion Euros in foreign
sales totalized last year represents 10% of the whole Italian manufacturing industry's export

In 2004 net export reached 11.7 billion Euros, i.e. 31% of the whole manufacturing industry's
trade surplus. Other fashion related products (such as shoes, goldsmithery, leather
products, cosmetics and glasses) accounted for a further 10 billion Euros surplus. That's to
say that the "Oil of Italy" can roughly completely compensate for the country's deficit in
energy, food and agriculture.

In 2004, the flows of Italian TC products towards European Union markets (15 countries)
raised by 1.4%, while those towards the 10 new members decreased by 13%. Outside EU25
(which absorbed 54% of total Italian TC foreign sales), exports to USA (third largest market
for Italian fashion system) recorded a drop of 2.6%, Japan lost 8.5%, while Russia (tenth
biggest customer) was the most dynamic market (+11,2%). A significant increase was also
recorded by exports to Hong Kong (+5,1%).

On import side, China has furthermore consolidated its leadership position among top Italy's
suppliers (+13.7%).

In 2003 Italy was the third world's exporter of textile products (about 8% of the total amount),
after China and USA, recording a CAGR loss (1995-2003) of roughly 1%. In 2003 among the
main clothing exporters our country was placed just behind China, however showing a
CAGR drop near to 2%.

Source: SMI-ATI the Italian Textile and Fasion Industry Federation

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