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The 1st Global Textile Economy Forum

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The First Global Textile Economy Forum 
  China National Textile Industry Council (CNTIC) has decided to host Global Textile Economy Forum in Beijing on March 28 to 29, 2004.

  The Forum is aimed at "Cooperation and Development", leitmotifed with "Striving for a Corporate-Win Tomorrow in Post-Quota Times", and will elaborate on the growing trend of global textile economy and trade during the new liberalized trade period, and on the subjects of historic importance and common concerns over the new possibility of industrial cooperation between different countries and regions.

  The economic globalization makes the Chinese and the world economy closely connected, and will inevitably impact the world economic structure of the traditional international economic orders as well. The new opportunities and challenges brought by the economic globalization. In the world today, we need to steer human destiny in our concerted efforts, to weather through risks and contradictions side by side, and finally to share the opportunities of development altogether.

  Textile industry is playing a strikingly remarkable role in the process of industrialization in China. The Chinese people, about one-fifth of the world population, are now engaged in building up a well-off society in China, and they will be the primary driving force for sustaining growth of the textile industry. At present, the fiber-processing volume accounts for approximately 30% of the world total while the domestic fiber consumption is responsible for 80% of the total fibers being processed in the country. In the meanwhile, the import of textiles & apparels in China has also witnessed a high growth, and it is worthwhile to notice that in the total export from textile industry in China, 35.74% comes from joint ventures that also take up 68.3% of the import of the textiles & apparels in China. Moreover, the internationalized relocation of productions has turned China into not only the world-largest market for textile technology, state-art equipment, cotton & chemical fiber resources, but also the most important investment market for the textile & apparel industry. As we see the fact that two-thirds of the world market share for textile & apparel go to the developed countries ,where their textile industry is equipped with the well-advanced R & D and manufacturing technologies, coupled with market proximity and quick-response system, superb management and experience for internalized operations, and some developing countries are possessed not only with the labor resources at the same competitive cost level as that in China, but also with individual comparative advantages and the creative characteristic of their own national cultures, I am of the full confidence that the complimentarity existing extensively in the countries positioned at different stage of development will become an important basis for the new international division of work which characterizes an internationalized production that embraces overseas R & D, manufacturing, marketing, purchasing and consumption, a fundamental difference from the traditional one that features a complete transfer of only manufacturing in some industry. The textile industry in China is harbored with great expectations and confidence in an extensive cooperation with various countries in the foreseeable future.

  We are willing to invite the leaders from the organizations associations in textile industry, the enterprisers from the famous enterprises or international companies at home and abroad to attend the forum making communication on the new situation and the common developing issues after 2005 to build up a more beautiful tomorrow!

  Global Textile Economic Forum is scheduled to curtain up at the time when the four important exhibitions, namely, China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC), China International Trade Fair (Spring) for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (Intertextile), China International Knitting Trade Fair, and China International Trade Fair for fiber and Yarns (Yarn Expo), are on the run synchronically in the four giant exhibition venues in Beijing, and Global Textile Economic Forum will be a great festival for the world textile and apparel enterprises to meet each other, for the up-stream and down-stream industries to network with, and for the domestic and international buyers to come for the eventful business gathering.

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