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Introduction to China’s Textile Industrial Base

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Introduction to China’s Textile Industrial Base

In accordance with the important direction made by President Hu Jintao on the development of new-type industrial base and based on the spirit of following-up, investigation, instruction, and service, China National Textile and Apparel Council, cooperating with the local governments and trade organizations, has selected 38 cities (counties) and 52 towns as China’s Textile Industrial Bases and China’s Famous Cities/Towns with Special Features. The gross output of textiles and apparel in these 90 bases accounts for 30% of the whole nation’s. All the bases play important role on China’s textile industry.

Since 2005, the quota on textile products has been canceled and free trade returns. The development of textile industry faces a new trend. China’s textile industry will strive to achieve amalgamation with international industrial chain and international purchasing and supply chain, cooperate with the textile industry of other countries and regions and make a win-win result together. China National Textile and Apparel Council will also provide service to and lead the textile industrial bases in building up a scientific development viewpoint of human oriented and a general coordinative and sustainable development idea and adhering to a new type industrialization of high percentage of science and technology, good economic benefit, low consumption of resource, less environmental pollution and fully exertion of human resource and adapting itself to the new trend of global competition and science and technology advancement.

China National Textile and Apparel Council has published three editions of Overview of China’s Textile Industrial Bases and Cities (Towns) with Special Features for higher awareness of overseas and domestic consumers, merchants, entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate a broad and deep international exchange and cooperation and to achieve common development.


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