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Review of Chinese Textile Machinery Industry (Jan.--Jun, 2005)

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According to the statistics from China Textile Machinery Association, in the first half year of 2005, the Gross Values of Chinese Textile Machinery Manufacturing industry reached 22.09 billion RMB (2.724 billion USD), which is a 9.66% increase compared with the same period of year 2004; meanwhile, the industry’s total Sales Revenues achieved 20.625 billion RMB (2.543 billion USD) which is a 6.09% increase compared with the same period last year.

The statistics of China Customs shows that, in the first half year of 2005, the export value of Chinese Textile Machinery attained 401 million USD, enjoying 32% increase than the same period of last year. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia are the major import countries. As a contrast, for the reason of the continuous macro economy cooling down policy and the uncertainties arose by the Sino-American and Sino-European trade disputes on textile products, in the first half year of 2005, the import of foreign textile machineries decreased 28.15% than the same period of 2004, with the total value of 1.674 billion USD. The major export countries are Germany, Japan, Italy, South Korea and Switzerland.

Statistics by Product Categories:

                                                Unit: USD 100 Million

             Product Categories                                               Value       Percentage
Washing, Bleaching, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing Machinery      3.84       22.9
Knitting & Hosiery Machinery                                            3.82       22.8
Weaving Machinery                                                        2.79       17
Machinery for Spinning                                                    1.97       11.8
Machinery for Chemical Fiber                                            1.69       10.1
Spare Parts & Accessories                                               1.99       12.1
Weaving Preparation Machinery                                        0.39         2.4
Nonwovens Machinery                                                    0.25         1.5

Export Volume and  Countries
                                                  Unit: USD 100 Million

                           Countries      Amount        Percentage
                             Germany       4.50             26.9
                             Japan           4.41             26.3
                             Italy            1.99              11.9
                             South Korea   1.13              6.8
                             Switzerland    0.9723           5.8
                             Others          3.73             22.8



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