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Cotton price downtrend stops as harvest season nears end [2006-11-23]
Who is to deal with US cotton dumping? [2006-11-23]
Central bank says pressure for higher rates 'has eased' [2006-11-22]
US, Japan & Hong Kong become top textile & apparrel export markets [2006-11-21]
ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 partners to launch joint promotion [2006-11-20]
China's Exports of T/A Reached $118 Billion in Jan.to Oct. 2006 [2006-11-20]
Textile Industry Witnesses Rapid Growth in 1st 9 Months [2006-11-20]
China, Japan vow to expand ties [2006-11-20]
China : US Clothing Magnates Critical of China after Pocketing Huge Profit [2006-11-17]
U.S.- China Cotton Agreement will Enhance Cooperation [2006-11-17]
China : Beijing - Hong Kong Trade Ties Strengthening [2006-11-17]
The Textile Clearance Rate for January-October is Less than 50% [2006-11-17]
CNCotton Weekly Summary (November 10) [2006-11-16]
Hong Kong : Mainland to Liberalize Business Scope for HK Permanent Residents [2006-11-16]
China : Bilateral Trade with US Highly Profitable [2006-11-16]
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