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Brazil reaches deal to limit Chinese textile imports until end-2008 [2006-02-17]
N1.2bn Smuggled Textiles Seized at China Town in Nigeria [2006-02-17]
China's export Textile & Apparel reaching 10.18 USD in Jan.2006 [2006-02-17]
American Textile Quota for China to be used in 2006 [2006-02-16]
China's economy to grow around 9% in 2006 [2006-02-15]
Trading rate of RMB against US dollar up [2006-02-15]
Domestic textile exports to face quotas in Brazil [2006-02-15]
The demand for textiles and garments maintain a rapid increase [2006-02-14]
January trade surplus rises 46.7% [2006-02-14]
China’s Export for Textiles/Clothes in 2005 by Province [2006-02-13]
China Agrees to Limit Textile Exports to Brazil [2006-02-13]
World Bank: Strong exports to spur growth [2006-02-10]
Chinese Delegation Will Visit Pakistan for 3rd Round of FTA Talks Next Month [2006-02-08]
China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Gazette [2006-02-08]
Sino-US textile agreement takes effect today [2006-01-19]
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