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China Foreign trade expected to grow 15 to 20% in 2006 [2006-03-07]
CNTAC News Conference announced major tasks in 2006 [2006-03-06]
EU Issued the latest Report on Clearing Rate of Textile Products Involved (befor... [2006-03-06]
Nation's 11th Five-Year plan group chewed [2006-03-06]
Banks to offer RMB cheque settlement system [2006-03-03]
Agenda updated for the 3rd Global Textile Economic Forum [2006-03-02]
US trade report attacks, praises China [2006-03-02]
US Issued the latest Report on Export of Restricted Textile Products before Feb.... [2006-03-01]
Chinese economy grows 9.9% in 2005 [2006-03-01]
China's Textile Exports to Remain Steady in 2006 [2006-02-28]
China's textile exports to remain stable in 2006 [2006-02-27]
SE China province sees textile export increase in January [2006-02-27]
A Bangladeshi textile factory fired [2006-02-27]
China remains world's 3rd largest trader [2006-02-24]
China's Domestic sale for knitted products overtaking overseas [2006-02-24]
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