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Senior EU trade officials meet Chinese firms [2006-03-15]
Du Yuzhou:Competition of China Textile Industry is expected to Boost Up [2006-03-14]
Renminbi reform on sound track [2006-03-14]
Chinese quotas breathing life into vulnerable Asian textile sectors [2006-03-14]
China to Accelerate Industrial Restructuring: Top Planner [2006-03-13]
High fashion [2006-03-13]
Governor: Renminbi reform on sound track [2006-03-13]
Anti-dumping action goes against promises and trade liberalization [2006-03-10]
President Hu Stresses Economic Adjustments [2006-03-10]
China makes great efforts in IPR protection [2006-03-09]
US Trade Representative said China has created both challenges and opportunities... [2006-03-08]
Foreign minister: China exports helping US [2006-03-08]
China Textile and Apparel Exp. $10.4 Billion in Jan. 2006 [2006-03-07]
CNTAC meets Swiss textile machinery manufacturer [2006-03-07]
Sino-Africa export surges 35.2 percent [2006-03-07]
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