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China's Import of Textile Machinery in Jan. – Aug.,006

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According to figures from the China Customs, China textile machinery foreign trade gained a total value of $3.401 billion, from January to Aug. 2006 brought an 16.87% jump. In which, China’s textile machinery imports had $2.604 billion in value and increased by 10.99% compared to the same period of time in 2005, and the exports reached 797 million US dollars and its growth rate soared by 41.34%.

Statistics reveal that China's textile machinery are mainly imported from Japan, Germany, Italy, Taiwan China, PRC and Korea. The import from the above five countries or region took up about 80% of the total market share.

The details on China’s import of textile machinery from Jan. to Aug., 2006 as follows:

                                                                                Unit: 1 million USD


import value  


import quantity   


Combed machinery  20.21 12.32% 654 sets   113.03%
Air-flow spinning machine 9.05 176.44% 96 74.55%
Automatic winder 152 45.92% 1180 17.53%
Rapier loom 108 28.82% 2437 41.36%
Projectile weaving machine 5.39 316.8% 73 102.78%
Air-flow weaving machine 284 23.01% 8067 21.73%

Statistics reveal that the gwoth was the import of rojectile weaving machine and the import quantity increased by one times.

By the way, Zhejiang Provence imported  35 sets of rojectile weaving machines, the average price was 100,000 USD; and Jiangsu Provence imported 15 sets of rojectile weaving machines, the average price was over 70,000 USD.

It is obvious that China is trying to uodate its textile macinery and more and more companies in China will wash out the simple, behindhand or lower productivity ones. The the heavy demands of the newest and reliable imprted machines in China are seen.


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