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New show for Mexican apparel and sewn products

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Clarion Events North America (Clarion) announced yesterday the launch of ExpoProducción, a new trade fair primarily for the apparel and sewn products manufacturing industry in Mexico and Central America.

ExpoProducción aims to bring together leading companies from the equipment and machinery sector, along with both domestic and international textile manufacturers, technical textiles and fibre manufacturers, and all areas of service and parts suppliers. The show will be held annually at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, with the inaugural show scheduled for 6-8 February 2013.

“This show will be the only one of its kind in Mexico and will focus on delivering superior value and assistance to the garment and sewn products manufacturing market in this important and growing region,” said Clarion’s President, David Audrain.

Audrain’s background includes the production of several leading shows in similar markets, including the launch of the revised Bobbin World show in 1998.

As part of the event, a comprehensive educational program will be available to attendees at no extra cost. Additionally some high-level conference programming will be offered at reduced costs to members of supporting organizations.

In a recent announcement to the association’s members, Lic. Sergio López De La Cerda, President of the Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Vestido (CANAINVE), said:

"I would like to inform you that on February 6 to 8 of 2013, at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, ExpoProducción, a machinery, textile and trim event, will take place, which is something that our industry needs. We wish the organizers a great success and we invite all the manufacturers to visit ExpoProducción that without a doubt will be of great benefit to our industry.”

The garment manufacturing industry in Mexico is said to be seeing significant growth as domestic demand increases and orders from the USA move back to Mexico. Alejandro Faes, president of Mexcostura, the leading magazine for the apparel industry in Mexico and Central America, emphasized the importance of strengthening the internal market and promoting apparel exports from Mexico.

“This is something that can only be achieved by becoming very competitive and offering high quality goods, which is why it is of vital importance to have this type of event where the apparel manufacturers will be able to find state of the art technology, textiles and all of the products in the supply chain.”

Faes is a past President of the Camara Nacional de las Industria del Vestido, and of the International Apparel Federation and is partnering with Clarion Events on the launch of ExpoProducción in Mexico.

Han Bekke, Secretary General of the International Apparel Federation, also advocates the new ExpoProducción, saying:

“The apparel supply chain is rapidly changing because of new techniques in manufacturing and vending of apparel products. These developments may not be ignored if you want to stay competitive. The ExpoProducción exhibition is offering you a perfect overview of state of the art machines, software and services and participation is therefore highly recommended by the IAF.”

Organisers say Mexico is seeing a strong resurgence in production tied to American brands and retailers, and ExpoProducción will be the hub bringing the manufacturers and their suppliers together each year.

According to Audrain Mexico City is not only the heart of Mexico and the headquarters for most of the major producers, but it is also a pivotal location to bring the whole Central American and Caribbean industry together.”

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