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Anhui Technology Import & Export Trade: Home Textiles, Clothing and More

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Anhui Technology Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 and restructured in 2002. Mainly engaged in home textiles, clothing, Artex products, shoes, hats, ceramics and handbags, the company also has many other products including toys, draw-works, cases glassware, gifts, mechanical and electrical products and daily necessities. Shown below are some of is lovely fashions.

The company also all kinds of furniture, glassware, gifts , home decor, all kinds of toys, mechanical and electrical products, gardening and outdoor products, sporting goods, grass and bamboo Liu paper products and other items that are exported, as well as a variety of machinery and equipment and raw materials. This supplier can meet all your importing needs.

Anhui Technology takes the lead in the industry by implementing ISO9001: 2000 international standardization, operational efficiency, and orderly management and quality system certification as of 2001. The company also meets the first Class AA enterprise qualifications for the highest category of Chinese Customs.

The company’s products consist of textile and apparel with eight business groups and four integrated departments. Anhui Technology has a good business practices, honesty and a professional team that maintains a long-term good relations in trade with importers and exporters in more than 100 countries and regions. Its nearly one thousand manufacturing enterprises have established stable supply channels. Below is another item from its clothing line.

The company has an ongoing brand development strategy with ARTSHOW, SPLENDOUR, ETEK, SINOPETZOO, DINGARTS and other domestic and foreign registered trademarks and patents. The ARTSHOW trademark is for the export brand of Anhui Province. Anhui Technology relies on the excellent quality of its products and professional services and has earned an excellent international reputation.

Anhui Technology pursues the management concept of law, people-oriented, and craftsmanship in its effort to promote unity, integrity, pragmatism, hard work, harmony and win-win attitudes in its enterprise team.

The company is one of the top 10 export enterprises, in Anhui Province, receiving the special prize of quality and efficiency of advanced enterprises in the province’s business systems. It was also commended for foreign trade corporate integrity, good faith demonstration of Anhui Labor and Social Security, China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Association and other honors.

Xue Ying, chairman of the board is now on the Eleventh National People’s Congress, in Anhui Province. He has received “May 1 Labor Medal”, “Anhui Top 10 venture actress, Anhui Province female entrepreneurial model”, “Anhui Province, model workers,” and many other honorary titles.

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