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Younger acquired large equity of Kingenta

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April 16 ,Younger announced that it intends to spend 829 million yuan, on the price of 11.06 yuan / share, agreed to purchase the German Investment and Development Co., Ltd. (DEG), owned by Kingenta 7500 million shares, and this part of the share capital account to Kingenta 10.71% of the total share capital of the company, being the third-largest shareholder. The Younger investment said, the Younger’s holding is the business conduct based on Kingenta current investment value judgment.

The Younger 2011 annual report disclosed that in 2011 the company has invested 2.725 billion yuan to 13 listed companies. As of the end of the reporting period, Younger held available for sale financial assets, market capitalization of 9.421 billion yuan, floating profit of 1.125 billion yuan, the company’s 2011 financial investment operations achieved net profit of 487 million. Plagued by inventory clothing companies try to diversification of investment, can meet their urgent needs, but to go longer and more robust in the clothing industry, they should be more focus on the clothing brand.

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