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Du Yuzhou awarded Legion of French Art and Literature Officer

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September 19, Du Yuzhou, Chairman of China National Textile Industry Council was awarded Legion of French Art and Literature Officer in Frence, by Frederic Mitterand, French Minister of Culture. By awarding this prize to Du Yuzhou, the French Minitry of Culture aims at praising him for his artistic accomplishments and his outstanding contributions, for a long time, on the training of China fashion design talents as well as his efforts on the promotion of cultural exchange between China and French in the field of fashion and apparel.

This award, Legion of French Art and Literature Officer, to Mr. Du Yuzhou is not only the recongnition and encouragement for his personal achievements, but also such a positive impact on the cultural exchange and economic cooperation between China and France.

Art works of Du Yuzhou in different times were displayed on the cocktail party “China in Paris” on the same day of awarding, including his art works of painting, calligraphy and photography. Graduated from Tsinghua University, department of architecture, Du Yuzhou used to be an excellent architect. He has been engaging in leadership work of textile and apparel industry since 1980s. Painting and photographing are love of his life. from his art works we can find reflection of the unique perspective of the architect, and his aesthetic realm in fashion culture.

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