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5000-ton Combed Yarn Program Settled in Neihuang, Henan

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Neihuang industrial cluster of Henan province recently welcomed a large program investment. The program was jointly invested by Jiangsu Guangda Textile Co., Ltd. and Henan Hengjia Textile Co., Ltd. involving an annual output of 5000 tons of combed yarn and 8 million meters of fabric. Over 80 million CNY was invested in this program and will be completed in three stages. Projected sales revenue of this program is 184 million CNY.

Textile industry is a traditionally important pillar industry in Neihuang. As one of the industrial clusters in Henan province, Neihuang now has 18 above-scale textile companies. The industrial cluster region of Neihuang have realized an industrial output of 906 million CNY, industrial added value 66.36 million CNY over the first eleven months of 2010.

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