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Raw Material Prices Soaring Impact Canton Fair

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Leading by the cotton price, almost all the textile and clothes raw material prices kept rising, which resulted in 30% price soaring of the textile and clothes goods in the 108th Canton Fair. Consequently, both the buyers and orders reduced comparing to last one.

There were 56,000 standard booths in textile & clothes hall in the 108th Canton Fair, covering an area of 1.12 million square meters. 3936 companies participated in this trade fair, 53 more than that of last one. The exhibitors took over 8441 booths. Of which, 223 booths had specialized layouts. And 1259 companies required special layouts in 1418 booths.

Up to Nov. 2nd, the accumulated transaction volume in textile and clothes hall reached 4.56 billion USD, declining 2.6% from the same period last time, but rising 7.9% from the 106th fair. Of which, the fiber ,yarn and textile sales were 300 million USD, declining 13.5% from the 107th fair, but rising 5.1% from the 106th fair, and accounting for 13.1% of the total transaction. While home textile and accessories sales reached 890 million USD, rising 1% from the 107th fair and 26.4% from the 106th fair, and accouting for 39.3% of the total; the clothes and accessories sales were one billion USD, declining 8.5% from the 107th fair and 6.4% from the 106th fair, and accounting for 47.6% of the total.

Regarding the geopolitical shares, the European market valued 990 million USD, rising 1.6% from the 107th fair; American market valued 320 million USD, declining 6.1% form the 107th fair; Japanese market values 130 million USD, decling 12.2% from the 107th fair.

The less transaction in the Canton Fair reflected the difficulities of current foreign trade. First, the soaring raw material price restrained the long and mid term orders. The manufacturers were in the passive place to response to challenge. While the fluctuation of foreign exchange rate was not a major problem for the exporters, thanks to the mature loan insurance and other financial tools.

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