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EU, China to handle trade disputes via talks

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European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said here on Thursday that the European Union (EU) "favors dialogue" in handling trade disputes with China.

"It is possible to resolve the dispute through dialogue," said Barroso at a press conference prior to the EU summit.

Earlier on Thursday, the European Commission officially adopted provisional anti-dumping measures on Chinese and Vietnamese leather shoes which will be effective as of April 7 for about six months.

Barroso said the EU "favors dialogue" and "cooperation" in handling trade disputes with "such important partner as China," citing the example of the successful handling of the textiles issue with China last year.

According to the EU's executive, the anti-dumping duties are tobe phased in over six months, starting at 4.8 percent and rising to 19.4 percent for Chinese shoes, and from 4.2 percent to 16.8 percent for Vietnamese shoes. But children's shoes and high-tech sports shoes will be excluded from the tariffs.

Barroso defended the EU's decision, saying that the move is " necessary" for the decision was made after "vigorous investigation" and it was supported by the majority of EU member states.


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