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2005 China Textile and Apparel Industry Competitiveness Conference

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On August 9th, 2005 China Textile and Apparel Industry  competitiveness Conference, sponsored by China National Textile and  Apparel Council (CNTAC), was held ceremoniously in Great Hall of the People. Mr. Du Yuzhou, President of CNTAC, and Mr. Yan Hui, Vice-Director of Bureau of Industry Injury Investigation, Ministry of Commerce, attended the Conference and delivered important  speeches. The heads of associations in China textile and apparel             industry, outstanding entrepreneurs and journalists from mainstream  media from home and abroad, totally around 300 people, got together in Beijing, witnessed the announcement of the 2004-2005"Top 10 Companies in Competitiveness"of each sector in China textile and          apparel industry.                

Mr. Yang Jichao, Deputy Secretary General of CNTAC, hosted the Conference. Mr. Xia Lingmin, Deputy Director of China Textile Information Center, reported the competitiveness evaluation results of China textile and apparel industry in the year of 2004-2005.
After the overall analysis of industry situation, the Conference announced the main economic index of each sectors, the top 100 of sales, top 100 of exports, and top 50 of sales income in each sector.
The Conference released comprehensive competitiveness evaluation results of the eight sectors, including cotton textile, wool textile, silk, linen textile, chemical fiber, knitting, dyeing & printing, apparel. Thus generated the new "Top 10 Companies in Competitiveness"of 2004-2005, which were awarded he medals and certificates by the heads of associations.
After the global textiles quota abolishment, the "safeguard"  measures and anti-dumping estriction based on trade protection of developed countries have made the Sino-EU and Sino-US trade war upgrade continuously. The survival of the textile companies that are dependent on import and export is further affected by the recent RMB appreciation. The prospect of China textile and apparel industry is worrying us with many problems existing, including over-competition, of innovation, and low added value, etc. Thus, to improve the inner production efficiency and competitiveness is the key to solve the problems.

With the principles of "introducing good companies, setting industrial examples, improving competitiveness, and promoting industry upgrade", the Conference promotes and spreads the advanced operation and management patterns, guiding the whole industry to a new platform of competition with competitiveness. In order to evaluate the company's comprehensive competitiveness in a more scientific and systematic way, Statistics Center of CNTAC ooperated with Supply Chain Research Center of Beijing University, jointly constructing a company competitiveness comprehensive evaluation system divided by textile sectors. The System contains seven sub-systems, including human resource, asset quality, rapid response, innovative ability, profit ability, refund ability, market  share. Utilizing the evaluation system, Statistics Center of CNTAC analyzed the data from the National Bureau of Statistics and the quarterly report forms collected from companies, evaluating the competitiveness of over 400 companies in sectors of cotton textile, wool textile, silk, linen textile, chemical fiber, knitting, dyeing and printing, apparel. This method can ensure the evaluation to be reasonable, accurate and equitable.
It is notable that the Conference attracts the eyes of domestic and overseas media. In the beginning of June, Carlos M.Gutierrez, Secretary of the U.S.Department of Commerce, visited China with the aim of the textiles trade problem, which made overseas media paid greater attention to the textiles problems. How should China textile companies understand and evaluate their competitiveness? Which companies will be good examples? Where will the road of textile industry upgrade lead? What measures will associations take to lead companies to face the brand new international competition? The active focus from foreign media undoubtedly highlighted the Conference.
Renowned companies from China supported the Conference with great effort. They are China Hengtian Group Co., Zhejiang Huafu Group Company Ltd., Texhong Textile Group Limited, Shandong Ruyi Scientific and Technological Group, Marzoli (Dongtai) Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. 

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