Exhibition recruitment started up andone month ahead of scheduled application limit

Source: CCPIT TEX | Date: 2006-09-27

While the CHIC2006 concluded just over two months, the recruitment of the new China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC2007) has been started up with the great expectation. Ten days ahead of scheduled starting date, one month ahead of scheduled application limit and the “New Changes” of breaking through domestic and international conceptions to further expand and improve various professional exhibition areas not only embody the deep service commitment of fair to focus on the very demands of enterprises, but also extend and upgrade the theme of “Brand Improvement and International Integration”.

Time ahead of schedule

CHIC2007 will also been held in China International Exhibition Center, Beijing including men clothing and women clothing fairs with 120,000 sq m of exhibition areas. The most obvious change at present is that the exhibition time will be March 18 to 20, 2007(Men, Casual, Accessories), March 24 to 26, 2007(Women, Kids, Accessories) and the application limit will also be one month ahead of schedule, set on September 30, 2006. The exhibition recruitment has been started up and all the recruitment invitation letters have been sent out. The fair organizers warn the would-be enterprises of CHIC, if not receiving the recruitment invitation letters to download recruitment tables via fair website. Given the circumstances that former enterprises are very active to apply for and attend the fair, the organizers hope that enterprises would hurry up and not pass the limit date in order not to postpone the exhibition areas distribution and not to influence the exhibition effects.

Referring to the reason why to start up the CHIC2007 ahead of schedule, the organizers are committed to provide exhibitors and professional visitors with human-oriented and sophisticated services and to avoid the rush-hour time of enterprises’ ordering conference, and in these reasons, they adapt the starting time. The organizers sincerely hope that the adaptation will help exhibitors and professional visitors to cancel unnecessary trouble and to achieve the best exhibition and visiting effects.

Exhibition Area Segmentation

CHIC2007 exhibition areas will be further segmented and break through the domestic and international conceptions to feature the “Professional Area”, that is, all of the overseas enterprises except national exhibition groups will this time be encouraged to enter their relevant professional areas in according with manufactured product types. The aim of exhibition area segmentation is to improve the efficiency for exhibitors to display and for visitors to visit, to display the overall strength and level of same category of clothing brands more clearly and to further promote the business and trading negotiations more specifically.

In addition, under the commitment of “Brand Improvement”, all of the professional areas in the fair will be expanded and upgraded based on the former well-known brands. Each professional area will strive to attract more competitive enterprises, and the attendance or expansion of “Dragonhead Enterprises” in various fields will make the “weight” of each professional area weightier as well as further upgrade the overall CHIC image and industry influence.

With the expansion and improvement of each professional brand, the organizers will also strengthen the organizing work of professional visitors making full use of fair’s advantageous resources and inviting the best agent, dealer and competitive superstore delegates related to each professional area to visit CHIC and make great and efficient efforts for the exhibitors to maximize the exhibition effects.

What’s more, the colorful and elegant series of activities these years have become indispensable part of CHIC. As the top-level annual forum in China clothing community, “China Clothing Forum” will continue to provide an ideal platform for China clothing entrepreneurs to exchange advanced management ideas and operation thoughts. The new theme will once again embody the most advanced operation thoughts and trends in clothing industry in order to hold banner and cheer up to promote the overall improvement of the clothing industry. “China National Garment Association Annual Award 2005-2006” will again be publicized open, and stick to the commitment of praising China clothing original brand growth and development to promote the mutual learning and improvement between the clothing enterprises. “Joint Convention Of China Apparel Distributors And Retailers” will continue to be held during the CHIC2007 fairs to make continuous efforts to drive the cooperation between clothing enterprises, chain enterprises and agents into one benign development road. “CHIC Show”, “China Clothing Fashion Trends Release” and etc fashion activities will at the same time be held to build up the most convenient fashion platform for industry exchange and brand promotion. The joining of a large amount of well-known brands will also make the new CHIC more shining and with more splendor. Besides, CHIC2007 will also enhance the exchange and cooperation with international community to continue feature the unique charm of biggest professional clothing fair in Asia.

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