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DORNIER Weaving Technology Highlights at CITME 2006 in Beijing

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High innovative technologies in DORNIER´s system family of rapier and air-jet weaving machines

The Lindauer DORNIER GmbH will be taking part in the CITME exhibition to show their new developments in its weaving and finishing machine product ranges.

Rapier weaving machines
DORNIER rapier weaving machines have served as reliable production resource for renowned fashionable home textiles and apparel weavers around the world since the Sixties. These machines running with up to 16 filling colors, can be combined with Jacquard machines with up to 20,000 lifting hooks. On the fly pattern changes without having to adjust settings impressively demonstrate the reliability of the positive central transfer. The special strength of positive filling insertion is important for technical fabrics where cloth density and weight as well as insertion of extremely coarse and fine filament and staple fiber yarns are highly demanding for the machine. The air cushion guided rapier rod with AirGuide® technology is the perfect technical solution for contact-free aerostatic support.

The DORNIER rapier machine demonstrated during CITME (Stand 2 C 08) is showing this big variety of 8 colors combined with 24 heald frames producing a variety of upholstery fabrics.

Air-jet weaving machines
The second machine shown is a 360 cm wide air-jet weaving machine producing a 1100 dtex coating fabric. Through the patented pressure regulation system, ServoControl®, thread load is being minimized whereas pressure adjustment, also for yarn lot changes, functions automatically and reproducibly resulting in better performance and a better final fabric quality.

By demonstrating two weaving machines at a time DORNIER is giving the audience an overall impression of the variety and  flexibility of their system family.

Further new products, not shown at the exhibition
DORNIER’s patented leno technology, system EasyLeno®, is a significant innovation for rapier and air-jet weaving machines for carpet backings, glass leno curtain materials and new fabric developments.
Eliminating shedding device, shafts and leno heddles brings up to 200% higher weaving machine performance potential over classic methods.

DORNIER´s newly developed terry air-jet weaving machine, type ServoTerry®. The direct drive for terry movement using a servomotor whilst retaining precise but gentle reed impact now allows setting various pile weaves and infinitely adjustable pile heights during running.

Improved quality in knit-good finishing with high potential in machine innovation
DORNIER has also established itself as one of the market leaders in the textile finishing machines sector for tubular knitwear. The visitor will be informed about their variety of machinery for the finishing processes such as singeing, heat setting, bleaching, mercerising and crease-mark free de-watering, in tubular form.
The new system with patented, motor-driven circular expanders for circular knitted fabric refinement applicable in all DORNIER finishing machines fulfills the highest practical demands for quality and economic efficiency.

Based on a 1:5 model of our continuous mercerising machine type EcoMerc/2 the principle of the mercerising process with the DORNIER patented circular expander will be shown.