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“PH Value” will join hand with Tmall to promote new cooperation model

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Upgrading and transforming are the key words for "PH Value" Design Show 2013 significantly. Not only featuring the exhibition, fashion catwalk shows, trend forecast, and forum, this year, "PH value" will initially cooperate with Chinese domestic e-commerce giant Tmall to trigger a new business model revolution.

The second "PH Value" Design Show, organized by China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC), undertaken by the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT (CCPIT-TEX), China Knitting Industry Association (CKIA) and China National Garment Association (CNGA), will be held from October 21st to 23rd, 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This year, "PH Value" will cooperate with Chinese domestic well-known e-commerce brand Tmall to promote the fair together, aiming at establishing a new business model integrating the e-commercial resources markedly. Recently, China Textile magazine interviewed Che Lichao, vice director of the organizing committee of "PH Value" Design Show, and he explained more on this new cooperation model.

"In 2013, 'PH Value' Design Show, with the target to become one of the most professional apparel trading platforms with international influences, will emphasize more on three aspects: the terminal products, the exhibited categories and the level of internationalization," introduced Che Lichao, "The Design Show mainly consists of four parts: the China International Knitting Trade Fair, the Catwalk Shows, Trend and Forum. On one hand, we will highlight the trade fair and the fashion shows, which could offer more opportunities for enterprises to seek orders, cooperators and promote their brand images. On the other hand, through trend and forum, enterprises could gain more information and inspiration for next season."

For enterprises, platform is of great importance. Along with the economic development, the exhibition, as the platform, has already experienced great changes. In the past, textile and apparel companies will promote their products and brands through department stores, specialized markets, agencies and so on. Whereas, nowadays, internet gradually plays an essential part in marketing strategies: more and more enterprises increase the online sales of their products, and cooperate with famous e-commerce brands.

"With the tide, the 'PH Value' Design Show, for the first time, will integrate e-commerce and trade fair together, realizing the interaction of online and offline resource, which could enhance the core competitiveness of 'PH Value' Design Show markedly," said Che.

"At one time, most enterprises would believe that e-commerce platforms and traditional trade fairs were competitors. However, for 'PH Value' Design Show, which basically targets the terminal products, the e-commerce platform could be considered as one option for apparel companies," explained Che.

Che said: "This year, the alliance with e-commerce will have new orientations: firstly, traditional trade fairs could be defined as the suppliers or cooperators for on-line stores. We could organize match-making activities and select qualified agencies, department stores, specialized markets, and retail stores to offer products and resources for these e-merchants; secondly, along with the booming of O2O (form Online to Offline), more and more on-line stores has started to expand and transfer their marketing strategies to offline-store business model. All in all, this is a win-win cooperation."

According to Che, recently, a number of newly on-line brands are emerging. However, in order to achieve a better market recognition and further development, offline store would be a smart choice. "For traditional marketing strategies, e-commerce is the channel, providing strong and efficient support for brands to expand and realize their benefit. Correspondingly, for online brands, through specialized industrial and trading fairs or exhibitions, they also have the chances to get in touch with the suitable and professional buyers and franchisers, which would be helpful for them to establish their own offline shops," indicated Che, "This time, through the cooperation with Tmall, right now, one of the largest Chinese domestic e-commerce platforms, we hope that Tmall could introduce more outstanding and mature online brands into our 'PH Value' Design Show, for expanding their market territory."

"Furthermore, this year, 'PH Value' especially sets up a unique catwalk show, where the online brands of Tmall could release their latest fashion trends and collections. Besides, Tmall also could acquire relevant information and experience on branding operation and management," Che went on.

"Till now, there are 43839 stores and 110 online brands in Tmall. Renowned brands and flagship stores, just like ADIDAS, Nike, UNIQLO, ESPRIT, PUMA, etc., have already joined the Tmall platform. B2C online shopping will be the new engine of apparel consumption marketing growth," remarked Ding Ji, Cooperation Manager of High-end Brands, Tmall.

According to introduction, being one of the e-commerce giants in China, Tmall, as always, makes the operation of consumers and brands the cores. After years of development, Tmall has witnessed obviously upgrading and transformation: turning from a simple sales site into the platform integrating resource and consumers together; moreover, Tmall also, by means of the internet, owns the strengths to create brands, and establish itself into a brand.

When Tmall meets "PH Value", without doubt, will lead to a new business model revolution and furnish more inspirations for online brands and traditional trade fairs for future advancement.

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