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Looking Forward to A New Success in the Forthcoming APP Paris

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The 8th CTAF (Paris) as well as APP Paris will kick off in Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Center

on September 16th – 19th, 2013, together with Texworld in the same place at the same time.

APP Paris, after the successful transformation in 2011, has grown to the biggest apparel

sourcing fair of the highest degree of specialization that Europe has opened to the Chinese

exhibitors. On this platform, the buyers are able to come into contact with Chinese suppliers

as well as other textile and garment producers and traders from the Asian and Pacific regions.

Such an international and diversified platform will better highlight the advantages of Chinese

enterprises and win them more attention. In view of the forthcoming APP Paris, the reporters

interviewed Marie-Armelle de Bouteiller, Director of Messe Frankfurt France S.A.S

Q: Since we have the general idea about Apparel Sourcing Show held in Paris, would you like totell us about how it will develop inthe near years, maybe one or two years? How about the development of Chinese exhibitorsin French or European market? And will you give us a general introduction to the current situation of European market? What are they expecting for?

Marie-Armelle: Apparel Sourcing has begun to work together with CCPIT TEX in 2007. This is why I join the company of Messe Frankfurt this time. First of all, we developed a part of Texworld for the people who are engaged not only in fabric. And the success lies where we decided to cooperate with CCPIT TEX in Apparel Sourcing and Texworld, and now it is a special show for people who are looking for OEM and ODM in Europe. It is the only international sourcing platform for apparel in Europe, because a lot of shows in Paris are owned by French Union who develops shows mainly for the French market.W i t h M e s s e F r a n k f u r t a n d w i t h A p p a re l Sourcing, we are developing a platform for sourcing for goods of Europe. More than 75% of our visitors come from different countries in Europe, of which the top six countries are French, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Turkey; therefore, visitors are able to meet people coming from the main fashion industry countries in Europe. So it’s something very important for exhibitors to know as they need to meet people not only from French, but also from all of the Europe. This is something special we achieved with Messe Frankfurt in Paris. It linked every part of Texworld in Paris which is the capital of fashion. This is why lots of people get there at the same time in order for fabric sourcing as well as capacity for production of garments. In view

of that, we are developing shows now not only with Chinese exhibitors, but also with exhibitors from all over the word. That’s not just a place for Chinese exhibitors but also for those from Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and all countries involved in apparel production. It’s good because more and more exhibitors are coming to see all the capacity of production in the word in the same place at the same time. Regarding the situation in European market right now, what we are sure is that European market is the biggest one in the world. It is important for Chinese producers to be able to enter the European market, especially because the European market can accept prices that go from the basic to high-end products. So I think it’s something very important for the future in Europe. And of course, a lot of people say that people are consuming less in Europe right now, but I would say that they don’t consume less but consume better products. So lots of people now in Europe are also looking for productions that are sustainable

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