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Intertextile Beijing Apparel Fabrics will deliver a lively insight for SS12 trends

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Colour orientation and fabric directions deliver a lively insight for SS12 trends

Intertextile Directions and Fabrics China trend forums incorporate exhibitors’ products on-site

Taking place this spring Intertextile Beijing Apparel Fabrics will offer a glimpse into which fabrics, colours and textures will be in style for both international and Chinese Spring/Summer 2012 (SS12) markets.  From 30 March — 1 April 2011 the on-site trend forums will help guide industry professionals’ designs and manufacturing processes in line with the coming season.

Using exhibitors’ products, internationally renowned trend forecasters incorporate references on specific colour ranges, directions on fabrics, on prints and on garments, delivering an energetic insight for SS12.The Intertextile Directions Trend Committee, comprising of NellyRodi ™ Agency — Paris, France; Doneger Creative Services — New York, the US; Sachiko Inoue — Tokyo, Japan and Elementi Moda — Milan, Italyhave forecasted a palette of very delicate and serene colours together with a mix of bright as well as black and radiant hues, setting the scene for a season full of optimism (Hall 2).

The SS12 trends are broken down into four themes:
ORIGIN: A breath of fresh air floats over this theme. Pastel colours are combined with chalky neutrals to create extremely soft harmonies — white, sky blue, beige, pale greys and pale pinks are used together or combined with silver. Fabrics are mainly light and transparent - voiles, poplins, devoré transparency, ultra-light gauzes.

PATINA:A desire to suspend time, to reconstruct our own privacy far from the maddening, crowded world. Colours are beige neutrals (bread, butter, milk…) combined with greenish or bluish chambrays that literally breathe manual work. Fabrics range from chambrays, slubbed cloths or basket weaves to marled effects for pure linens or else blended with Tencel, lyocell, viscose or cotton.

GLEE: An urge for eccentricity blows through this theme by mixing all different cultures together and breaking the established rules by combining infinite amounts of prints. Colours are acidic and enlivened by exotic touches. Fabrics are elaborated in a vintage spirit: fancy yarn voiles, summer tweeds, crochets.

REFLECTION: The glamorous ambience of a nightclub for daywear. The colours themselves give off the same impression of luminescence. Black and the two dark tones accentuate the “black light” effect. Silk - either pure or blended - is in the spotlight. As well as all the synthetics: polyamide, polyester, rayon or acetate. Ultra-stretch: increased importance of spandex.

Fabrics China, which is geared towards Chinese market trends for suitings(Hall 1A) and ladieswear(Hall 8A) will also take visitors through four colourful themes highlighting a simple but cheerful glance for SS12.

The four stories take us through:
Revival: The return to 1950’s values brings us hope, with colours exuding freshness that are inspired by the romantic and fresh country garden.Flowing chiffon, tulle, satin and lace as well as lightweight cottons, poplin and washed linen are popular fabrics.

Care: Pureness and health are emphasized in a calm and simple aesthetic.Milky colours and cool tones are covered with opaque shadows, forming abundant layers. Gloss and textural effect unified in the white and near white world.Meanwhile lightweight jersey, gabardine and high-tech textiles as well as eye-catching styles between underwear and outwear are used.

Interaction: The relationship between human beings and nature is endowed with a new interactive meaning towards sustainable development. Natural tones reveal technical flavours, nature and artificiality are never opposite to each other, but produce a subtle integration.Strong washed treatment makes tough denim soft. Textures are original, natural, and environmental friendly and used in combination with gorgeous silk, fine cotton and exotic patterns.

Ingenuity: Casting away conservative ideas and making space for a variety of innovative work. Multi-layered colours from bright yellow and saturated dark blue emerge through cold purple tones and dark grey-green hues.Materials range from fluid satin or nylon; electronic and incredible prints to traditional tweeds and colour block stripes.

Concurrent events offer crossover of potential buyers
Intertextile Beijing Apparel Fabrics takes place during the region’s hottest fashion seasons and runs concurrently with China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC) from 28 — 31 March 2011 as well as Yarn Expo Spring from 31 March — 2 April 2011. Free shuttle bus services will be provided for all three events.

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