Cooperation & Exchange, a Gala of Wisdoms to Share

Source: CCPIT TEX | Date: 2006-02-08

“ Global Textile Economic Forum”, successful in its two foregoing sessions since its debut in 2004 for its high level and internationalized industrial symposium, has been a calendar event of global attention and participation from industrial associations, non-governmental organizations, commercial & trade institutions, and transnational companies in various countries and regions of the world, and has exerted a positive effect on coping with challenges and opportunities with the advent of liberalized trade environment for textiles during post-quota times. And this positive effect can also be seen on facilitating understanding between industrial counterparts in various countries, promoting a broad cooperation, and realizing a win-win development.

China National Textile & Apparel Council has decided to hold the 3rd Global Textile Economic Forum in Beijing on the date of March 27th, 2006, highlighting “ Cooperation, Development and Fair Trade” as the leitmotif. This forum is scheduled under a complicated situation where the global textile trade is in process of being integrated while new trade protectionism emerges. To realize the global trade integration and jointly build up a new order of world textile trade so as to facilitate a sustained & healthy progress of the textile economy in various countries, “Cooperation, Development and Fair Trade” was determined as the subject of the Forum. Herein, on behalf of the organizer of the Forum, I am extending my cordial invitation to you for your honored presence to speak at the Forum, sparkling your profound wisdoms & insightful views to be shared.

As Chinese national economy continues to grow at a high speed, the domestic market demand is expanding, and the opening up further intensified, the Chinese textile industry will take its structural rationalization and industrial upgrading as a strategic priority that can not be made possible without a broad cooperation with international counterparts with respect to market, resources, capitals, technology, brand, production, logistics, human resources, and will make a new contribution to the development and progress of our counterparts and the related industrial sectors in various countries.

Trade freedom is a must for market economy. Although trade friction has never come to an end ever since the market economy came into being, the comparative advantage, a fundamental principle of public relations, will finally be accepted by people in the course of overcoming frictions time after time. The traditional balance is inevitably broken after the world textile trade was freed from the fetters of quota system. In the process of new balance being formed, it is all the more necessary for various economies to communicate each other to exchange views & ideas broadly and sincerely to discuss the possibility of establishing a new order and a fair environment so that the textile and apparel industries in the interested countries are able to benefit from a new international trade order to arrive at a win-win multilateral relationship.

I am looking forward to meeting you and the other speakers at this important gathering in Beijing at the 3rd Global Textile Economic Forum to share views & ideas for a cooperation, development, and fair trade to be reached in the new era.

Yours sincerely,

Du Yuzhou
President of China National Textile & Apparel Council
Dec. 31, 2005

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