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China International Knitting Trade Fair to be Held in Aug.

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The first China International Knitting Trade Fair will be Held in Shanghai Pudong EXPO in Aug.2007.

The press made by the organizer said that the event, which sponsored by China National Textile & Apparel Council, organized by China Knitting Industry Association and the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT, will cover 8000 square meters.

Press on China International Knitting Trade Fair

China International Knitting Trade Fair, which is different from the other fairs, will go along innovation with a business platform.

With the speedy globalization when coming into the 21rt century, the proper measurement of China's modernization drive will help textile industry steer the economics toward a better future and a series of updated technology change the society. Knitting industry will play an important role in textile industry.And it is reported by CNTAC that Exports of Chinese textiles will grow 15 to 20 percent in 2007, although a stronger renminbi and rising raw material costs may pose challenges to the industry.

The first China International Knitting Trade Fair will display new technology, new products and the latest trend leading the knitting sector to exploit the new market.

Updated technology to strike a collection on the stage

It is seen that a great demand of the knitting products keeps the knitting industry develop its innovation.

By now, more and more new knitting fiber comes round such as soybean albumen fiber, bamboo fiber, milk fiber, etc. For instance, high-fiber whole grains may help dieters lose weight while making gains in some nutrients, new research suggests.

It is increasingly common for property developers to wish to build fibre access to new premises from the start in order to provide marketing services. A number of such developers have approached. Underlying these fibers are a number of common themes relating to regulation and new build fibre deployments.

Although the new kinds fiber seem incessant, but the marketing extending is unsatisfied. Some producers predicted that they have a long a way to make a success.

At the first China International Knitting Trade Fair will make a holistic show with a new function to display the updated knitting materials in order to make a close cooperation between the upriver and downriver chains in knitting industry.

Colorful events to wait for you

There will be more colorful events at the first China International Knitting Trade Fair as follows:

Innovation Forum in China Knitting Industry and issue Product Innovation Award;

Important businessmen and manufacturers will be invited to attend a business F2F talk to help the buyers and the sellers have more business chances;

There will be excellent works of Warping Knitting Garments Design Competition to display at the special show area in the fair.

There will be dialogs on underwear accessory culture to have deep communication and discussion on brands, design, technology among the enterprises.

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