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First ITMA ASIA + CITME combined show gears up

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It is reported by CEMATEX that the first ITMA ASIA + CITME combined show gears up to be Asia’s most significant textile machinery exhibition

Show owners expecting 2008 show to sell out as textile machinery manufacturers are attracted by quality showcase

17 October 2006, Beijing – The first combined textile machinery show, ITMA ASIA + CITME, will be Asia’s biggest and most significant exhibition, endorsed by the presence of the world’s leading manufacturers. This was the view shared by the show owners at a press conference held this evening at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing.

PRESS CONFERENCE ON ITMA Asia and CITME was held in Beijing on Oct. 17.

The combined strengths of the two leading brands of ITMA ASIA and CITME will have a very positive impact on upgrading the technological equipment level of the textile industry in Asia, promoting the exchange and cooperation among both textile circles and textile machinery circles of different countries, facilitating regional integration of the textile machinery exhibition market and, very importantly, reducing the participation costs of both exhibitors and visitors.

CEMATEX (the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers), the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT (CCPIT-Tex), China Textile Machinery Association (CTMA) and China Exhibition Centre Group Corporation (CIEC) are all confident that the branding and quality of the show will encourage global industry brands to have a stronger presence than normal in China, and major Chinese and other Asian manufacturers are expected to follow suit.

Following the tradition of ITMA and ITMA ASIA exhibitions, only manufacturers of textile machinery and accessories are qualified to take part in the combined show, and exhibitors must display original equipment on their stand, creating added interest for visitors.

In response to current concerns about the protection of intellectual property in China, there will be strict controls on the credentials of companies applying for space, and measures will be taken to prevent the infringement of patents at the show.

Backed by the strong track record of ITMA, ITMA ASIA and CITME, the 2008 show (which will be held from 27 to 31 July 2008) is expected to be a sell-out. The show owners have projected that the inaugural event will fully occupy the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (over 100,000 square metres). More importantly, it will be the quality showcase of the latest technologies and innovative solutions by original manufacturers for the vibrant Asian market, especially the mega Chinese marketplace.

Commenting on the benefits of the combined show, Mr. Du Yuzhou, Chairman of CNTAC, said: “The combination of CITME and ITMA ASIA is a result of the development of the Chinese and world textile industry. It is a symbol that the cooperation between Chinese and European textile machinery industry has come to a new stage. The European textile machinery manufacturers provide the latest technological equipment while the growing Asian textile industry opens the most important market, especially in China. During China’s 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-2005), equipment worth about US$18.8 billion were imported and played an important role in China’s development of new textile products, improvement of quality and promotion of efficiency. For the 11th Five-Year Plan (from 2006-2010), China’s textile industry will be focused on technical innovations, development of Chinese own brands and increase of the added value of our products. All these must be carried out with advanced equipment. It is based on China’s demand of advanced equipment and the outstanding achievements made by European textile machinery manufacturers that the two established events—ITMA ASIA and CITME are combined. ITMA ASIA + CITME will follow our principle of encouraging industrial technical improvement and will offer our exhibitors and their end-users better service.”

Mr Edward Roberts, President of CEMATEX, and of Vanwyk Systems, Vald. Henriksen, and Brugman, Netherlands, explained: “China’s textile industry has enjoyed a period of rapid growth and now has one third of the entire world textile production capacity. The country has become one of the largest buyers of textile machinery, which is one of the key reasons why CEMATEX made the important decision to move ITMA ASIA from Singapore to China.

“The date in 2008 has been chosen in order to enable us to react as quickly as possible to the changing requirements of the Asian market. We have decided to work on this show with CTMA (the owners of CITME) because they share our own objective of offering our exhibitors and their customers a high quality cost-effective exhibition, and we are delighted that they will be our partner in the combined ITMA ASIA + CITME show.”

Against the backdrop of the buoyant textile sector in China, the move to combine the two shows into one mega high-quality event has already been lauded as an important step forwards by the world’s leading textile machinery manufacturers, and it has the full backing of all nine CEMATEX European textile machinery associations and JTMA (Japan Textile Machinery Association), all of whom have given strong statements of support.

Mr Bruno Ameline, President of UCMTF (French Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association) and Chairman of NSC Groupe, France, enthused: “ITMA ASIA has been a vital part of our shows calendar in the past, as it has enabled us to meet all of our existing and potential buyers in the space of 5 days and in one location. We are sure that ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 will bring us similar success, providing us with valuable sales leads not only in China but in many of the other developing economies in the region which we would otherwise have more difficulties to reach”.

Dr Paolo Banfi, President of ACIMIT (Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association) and Managing Director of Comez, Italy, said: “The arrival to the Chinese market of the ITMA brand should be considered a positive note providing a further boost for many textile machinery manufacturers. The partnership with CITME provides added value to the operation. We are confident that the first edition of ITMA ASIA + CITME in 2008 will be a resounding success”.

Mr Johann Philipp Dilo, President of VDMA (German Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association) and President of Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik Kg, Germany, also welcomed the move to combine the shows: “ITMA is the world’s largest textile machinery show and a truly unique opportunity for visitors to examine and compare equipment from all their potential suppliers. This is very rare in the world of exhibitions. So we welcome the news of ITMA ASIA's combined show with CITME, and also the frequency of every two years in China – this gives us a show which serves all our needs in this important market – and with the right timing."

Mr Gao Yong, the Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council and also the President of CTMA, emphasised: “The recent rapid growth in the Asian textile industry has led to the launch of a number of textile machinery shows of varying status in the region, but such shows have failed to meet the demands of the textile industry’s long term development.

“ITMA ASIA and CITME are different because these shows are owned by textile machinery associations. Hence, they are organised by the textile industry for the textile industry. We understand the needs of the industry, and the principal aim therefore is to offer a high quality and relevant show for exhibitors and customers alike, and finally to strive towards the upgrade of the whole industry’s science and technology level.”

And Mr Zhang Yankai, the Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council and also the Executive Vice Chairman of CCPIT-Tex, commented: “No doubt, the integration of CITME and ITMA ASIA will bring new opportunities to Asia and the world textile industry and textile machinery industry. It is firmly believed that under the joint efforts of all related parties and the great support of our partners in the textile circle, the combined exhibition will become a flagship textile machinery exhibition in Asia.”

Mr Yao Rui, Vice President of China International Exhibition Centre Group Corp., one of the leading exhibition organizers in China, said: “The cooperation has positive meaning to the development of both China’s exhibition industry and China’s national economy. The integration of ITMA ASIA and CITME opens up a new way of Sino-foreign cooperation on holding exhibitions.

“While maintaining the respective brands, the integration will be favourable as it draws on the strengths of each of the shows. Domestic exhibitions can improve their organisational skill and service quality with the support of foreign exhibitions, while foreign exhibitions can open up the local market with the aid of domestic exhibitions. With China’s exhibition industry opening to the outside world, such integration represents the direction of future development.”

ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 is organised by Beijing Textile Machinery International Exhibition Co Ltd and MP International Pte Ltd who are both present at CITME 2006 to launch the promotion of the combined show.

For more information on exhibiting or visiting ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008, please visit booth 3M01 and 8D 128 at CITME.

Additional statements of support for the combined show ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008

Mr Jan Laga, Vice President of Picanol :-
The last ITMA ASIA held in Singapore in 2005 was a big success for us and the business generated was very encouraging. Therefore, we shall certainly be supporting the combined ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 show. It is even more essential to participate since China is one of our key markets and because the show will be held in the city of Shanghai, close to many of the textile regions. We will definitely not miss it. In addition, the schedule is ideal for us as we can concentrate on the ITMA exhibition in 2007 and this allows us to focus on one biennial show in China.

Mr. Rossano Biancalani, General Manager of Biancalani :-
ITMA ASIA’s move from Singapore to Shanghai and the merging of two out of the three main trade fairs in the industry is definitely good news. The Chinese market will continue to be a high growth potential market for a long time to come: ITMA ASIA + CITME represents a high-level showcase where we can present our most up-to-date and innovative products to Chinese customers.

Dr. Roberto Pilotelli, General Manager of Pilotelli Macchine Tessili :-
We’re pleased to hear that ITMA ASIA and CITME have combined forces to offer textile machinery manufacturers and their customers a high quality event in China. A prominent trade fair organised every two years in the Chinese market will undoubtedly serve to rationalize the trade fair calendar in a country in which the high number of events held in the past has certainly not helped to raise the level of technology proposals offered.

Mr. Ettore Lonati, President of Lonati Group :-
We are looking forward to a very successful ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008. We believe that the combined experience of both brands will make a fantastic show. ITMA ASIA and CITME are exhibitions organised by the industry for the industry and the organiser understands our needs and the needs of our customers.

Dr. Daniele Pellissetti, Savio Macchine Tessili - Itema Group :-
We are all very well aware of ITMA’s attraction and appeal for textile manufacturers. The shift in location to Shanghai, the two-year scheduling and agreement reached with a recognised event such as CITME is good news for exhibitors who are planning to be in Shanghai in 2008.

Mr. Tetsuro Toyoda, Chairman of Japanese Textile Machinery Association (JTMA):-
We can easily imagine that the most well-known textile machinery show in China (CITME) operated by the ITMA standard quality will be a great success in 2008. We expect to see such synergy with our own eyes, and we trust that this integration shall be beneficial for both customers and textile machine manufacturers. We look forward to exhibiting in 2008.

Mr Joan Marty of GALI INTERNACIONAL, and President of the Spanish Textile Machinery Association AMEC AMTEX :-
The ITMA brand is recognised world-wide as the leading textile machinery show – it is an event which is in everyone’s diary. And so we are convinced that the show in China in 2008 will draw not only all the world’s leading manufacturing companies as exhibitors, but also high quality visitors, including the top management and decision makers. We are delighted that this show is slated to take place every two years in China, and we are already planning a large-scale participation at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008!

Mr Paul Karlsson, President of TMAS (Swedish Textile Machinery Association) and Managing Director, Iro AB :-
There are far too many shows taking place all over the world, and we have to be very selective and only support shows which can deliver results. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the well-established branding of ITMA ASIA and CITME is unmatched, and so we intend to make this our chosen event to promote our goods in China and the rest of Asia.

Mr Peter Gnaegi, Chief Executive Officer, Rieter Textile Systems :-
As the business world globalises, the challenge is to do more with less. Hence, it is imperative that we manage our resources and ensure maximum Return on Investment. Planning ahead, we will be concentrating on the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 show for China, after this year’s CITME exhibition. I believe we can leverage on the strong branding of the two shows and come out with a winner.

Mr Christian Kuoni, President of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association, Chairman and CEO of Jakob Muller :-
Shanghai is the perfect location for the ITMA ASIA + CITME event to take place. Not only is it a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, with an excellent choice of good quality hotels and restaurants, but also its exhibition centre is located very near to the airport and offers quick and easy access for visitors.

Shanghai is also very close to many of the major textile regions of China and we therefore expect that the well-established global brand of ITMA and the strong national brand of CITME will attract a very large number of relevant visitors.

Dr Lukas Sigrist,, Secretary-General of Swissmem (Swiss Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association) :-
The global textile machinery calendar is crowded with many showcases. Hence, our members have to be more selective in supporting exhibitions that deliver results, since it is not possible to support all the shows.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, the established branding of ITMA ASIA and CITME is unmatched. For this reason, our members will be looking forward to the combined show as the platform for China and the rest of Asia in 2008.

Mr Stephen R. Combes, Chairman of BTMA (British Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association) and Chairman of SDL Atlas Ltd :-
In today’s global market cooperation between leading brands is essential to deliver maximum benefits with efficient expenditure of resources in the minimum time. In the world of textile machinery exhibitions CITME and ITMA ASIA are the leading brands. BTMA welcomes this first amalgamation in 2008 and offers its full support to ensure that ITMA ASIA + CITME become firmly established on the calendar.

Mr Alan Little, Secretary General of BTMA (British Textile Machinery Association) :-
Over the next couple of years we shall be concentrating on two key exhibitions to promote our member companies and their products – ITMA 2007 in Munich and the ITMA ASIA + CITME exhibition in 2008. These two shows alone will provide us with exactly what we need to reach all our customers and potential customers world-wide.



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