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GTS International Textile Sourcing Show to be launched

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Organized by the CCPIT-TEX, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles and the Brazil Exhibition Company, the first "Go Textile Sourcing Show" will be held from October 23rd  to 25th , 2013 in the Sao Paulo Anhembi Exhibition Center of Brazil. A show available for global textile and apparel suppliers, the GTS exhibition, in terms of the global supply chian conception,  serves as a professional sourcing platform that links attendees tightly with Middle-South American textile industry radiated from Barzail. This exhibition will be the only international professional textile and apparel procurement fair for Chinese textile and garment suppliers, which has a positive meaning in promoting Chinese textile and garment suppliers to develop the Brazilian market in healthy and orderly way.

In recent years, the textile and apparel trade of China and Brazil is in a rapid growth, which hit a new high year after year. In 2011, China's textile and apparel exports to Brazil reached $3.523 billion, and the fabric was still the main export commodity, accounting for 42%, while the clothing increased by 74% year-on-year. After the rapid development in the past three decades, the huge volume, complete industrial chain, strong product development capabilities and the internationalized marketing concept of the China's textile industry have become the conditions and basis to cooperate with South American countries such as Brazil through the supply chain integration, complementary advantages and common development. At the same time, enterprises spontaneously look for business opportunities to explore the Brazilian market with high enthusiasm, and exhibition is one of the main means. But subject to a variety of factors, currently, there are no suitable exhibitions which can meet the needs of China's textile industry development and adapt to the development trend of textile and apparel supply chain. The World Football Cup and the Olympic Games which will be held in 2014 and 2016 respectively in Brazil will also provide new business opportunities and chances for the global textile and apparel suppliers.

After the extensive market research, repeated communication with local industry associations in Brazil, and with the broad consensus and support, the CCPIT-TEX and China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles decided to launch the GTS exhibition project in the year of 2013. The purpose of the exhibition is to adapt to the market requirements, and make the market demand as the traction to give a full play to the domestic and external resources of all cooperation countries and to organize preferred exhibitors and products to participate the exhibition in accordance with the characteristics and requirements of the Brazilian market. In the aspect of exhibition organization and local professional audience invitation, the Brazilian organizers will use the accumulated experience and databases of the industry exhibitions to suit the operating habits of Brazilian characteristics, making sure that all exhibitors will have a good interaction with the Brazilian markets through the exhibition.

Xu Yingxin, the assistant to the President of the CNTAC and vice President of the CCPIT-TEX said: "the Brazil GTS exhibition is an important measure for CNTAC to go out and explore diversified international markets, we will introduce the strong and typical enterprises to the local market and industry through the exhibition, and make deep cooperation and common development with the local market in the various links of the industry chain by the leading market demand." Jiang Hui, the vice President of the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textiles, said: "As the largest market in South America, Brazil is an important goal for the industry and enterprises to explore a diversified international market. In recent years, the textile and apparel trade has grown rapidly, along with some problems which are detrimental to the healthy development of the textile and apparel trade. Meanwhile, there are many enterprises that can not find suitable excellent exhibitions for their own business development. I hope that the GTS exhibition will provide an efficient and highly-qualified platform for the outstanding domestic enterprises, playing a role of radical reformation."

It is reported that, the organizers will integrate the experience and resources of the years' oversea exhibitions, in accordance with the standards of the internationalized exhibition organizations to operate the GTS exhibition, and the public roadshows will be started both at home and abroad.

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