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Xinjiang Successfully Developed the Cotton Stalk Fiber Stripper

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For the first time, the test of the cotton stalk fiber stripper developed by Xinjiang was implemented recently in Manasi County, Xinjiang and proved to be successful.

As a new-type natural fiber, the cotton stalk hide fiber can be made into silvalin, fabric and etc. and it’s with a good prospect of development. It is reported that Manasi County has annual cotton acreage of nearly 450,000 Mu, and Xinhu Central Farm has acreage of 300,000 Mu while the western area near to Shihezi has acreage of 2 million Mu, which provide very rich resources of cotton stalks. For a long time, a majority of cotton stalks have been wasted since there’s no cotton stalk processing company.

Now, Shenzhen Tianwei Textile Co., Ltd. and Manasi County have reached the points that Shenzhen Tianwei Textile Co., Ltd. is to invest 50 million Yuan initially in the county and build two production lines for cotton stalk fiber, which can realize the annual output of 3000 tons of cotton stalk fiber. Thus it is expected that the implementation of the project will make the local farmers earn additional 80 Yuan /Mu.

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