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Chinese design carrying the banner of environmental protection

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Compared to previous years, on this year’s China International Fashion Week, there were many clear-out release on the key theme of “environmental protection”. The golden crown designer Wu Xuekai, joined hands with Nanjing Haixinlining and Japan KANECARON on March 27, had launched a theme fashion publishing entitled “Your Love”. On the stage of China International Fashion Week, The Wu Xuekai’s release was a high-end show of manufacturers of faux fur in China which was launched in such a special form for the first time.

The same like Wu Xuekai, Ordifen is also to extend the concept of a “green fashion” on the fashion week. This year, “Ordifen Cup” China Underwear Design Contest with “green curves” as its theme, aimed to promote a new era for designers to seek out, listen to your inner voice actively with the help of this new fashion concept and design values, releasing your self-energy by curve sexiness, describing the health of the world, pursuing a balanced life by fashion.

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