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Chinese textiles output reaches 26.9 mn tons during 2005

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Chinese textile industry’s total output reached 26.9 million tons in 2005, which is almost one third of the world's total production, informed Xu Kunyuan, Vice President of China Textile Association during China Textile and Dyeing Technology Forum 2006, held on May 19, 2006.

Annual production of six categories during 2000-2005 went up from 3.8 billion meters to reach 10.37 billion meters, recording an average growth of 82 percent.

Export revenues jumped from US $2.8 billion to $8.48 billion.

Fabric export in 2005 reached 15.56 billion meters fetching $15.43 billion, Xu informed.

Chinese textile products have made progress in fabric manufacturing and dyeing, thereby increasing its competitive edge. 

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