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China is largest importer of Italian textile machinery

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"China International Textile Machinery Exhibition & ITMA Asia Exhibition" was held on June 22-26 in Shanghai, 110 Italian textile machinery manufacturers formed Italian National Pavilion exhibitors during the session. President of the Italian Textile Machinery Industry Association Sandro Salmoiraghi said, the exhibitors are best companies of Italian textile machinery industry. Italian textile machinery industry employs about 14,000 people, exports account for nearly 80 percent of total industrial revenue, of which, half are from Asia. 2009 turnover of Italian textile machinery industry was around 1.4 billion euros.

Referring to China, Salmoiraghi said, China is a very important partner of Italian textile machinery. Exports to China from Italian textile machinery industry accounted for 21.5 percent, export value reached 250 million euros in 2009, accounted for almost half of total exports from Italy to Asia.

In addition, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Turkmenistan, Iran and other countries have also expanded imports of Italian textile machinery. From data perspective, India comes in second after China, with exports nearly 100 million euros.

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