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CHIC 2010: Activities--Bringing Wisdom to the New Future

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CTEI/TA Weekly News: Presenting the pioneering products and service, CHIC is not merely a fair but a comprehensive event, integrating forum, award, trend release, seminars, etc. The fair each year invites franchisers, dealers and distributors around China, Asia, and even the world, and organizes various kinds of distinctive activities. At CHIC, the participants can not only have their business targets achieved but also acquire considerable information on market, management, business mode and other aspects.


To play a major role in the global apparel industry, CHIC has much more to offer. However, progression from the current state of development to a higher international standard is entirely in the hands of CHIC itself. CHIC is in its growing stage in China and it has great potential. 


CHIC 2010 Activities


Exhibition Timetable:


March 28-30  Opening Hours   09:30-17:30 

March 31   Opening Hours   09:30-15:00 





China Cashmere Night

17:00 March 28

Venue: 2nd Floor Banquet Room, Crowne Plaza International Airport Beijing


JACK 2009 China National Garment Association Award

20:00 March 28

Venue: 21 Century Theater, Beijing


Brain Storm:


China Garment Commercial Forum-2010 Joint Annual Meeting of China Garment Distributors & Retailers and China Garment Distributors Fortune Forum

10:30-17:30 March 28

09:30-17:30 March 29-30

Venue: Conference Room W101, New CIEC


CHIC2010 China Garment Buyers Forum

13:30-17:30 March 28

Venue: Conference Room W103, New CIEC


 RUYI 2010 China Fashion Forum

Theme: Searching for the Direction of Fashion Brands Development

March 29-30

Venue: China World Hotel


How to Enter Russia's Market for Chinese Garment Brands Seminar

14:00-17:00 March 28   

Venue: Conference Room W103, South Registration Hall, New CIEC




2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

March 28-31, Image Display

Venue: South, East and West Registration Halls, New CIEC


10:30 March 28, Fashion Show

Venue: Fashion Show Hall, New CIEC


China Top 10 Kids' Wear Fashion Release

March 28-31, Image Display

Venue: E4, New CIEC, Beijing

16:30-17:00 March 30, Award Ceremony and Fashion Show

Venue: Fashion Show Hall, New CIEC, Beijing


Fashion Release in the new China International Exhibition Center

March 28

12:30-13:00  HIGH FASHION DAY - High Fashion (CHINA) 2010 Autumn/Winter Ready-To-Wear

14:30-15:00  Haining Vogue Wind - 2010 MODEKUU Fur Fashion Show

16:30-17:00  SAMSARA OF CLASSIC•NEW DANDY - ALT Fall Fashion Collection of 2010


March 29

10:30:11:00  Andr�� Kim Show

12:30~13:00  Korean Brands Show (I)

14:30~15:00  IN ROMA-2010/11 Autumn/Winter High-Quality Men's Wear Press Show

16:30~17:00  CHIC2010 Fashion from Overseas


March 30

10:30~11:00  Korean Brands Show (II)

12:30~13:00  Korean Brands Show (III)

14:30~15:00  AMICI & RAG MART F/W Fashion Show



Mark fairwhale 2010 Autumn/Winter Women Ready-To-Wear

19:30~20:30 March 28

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center


Design Release of China Fashion League

18:30-20:00  March 29

Venue: No.1 Television Hall, Beijing Broadcasting Tower Hotel


Press Conference:


Venue: Conference Room W105, South Registration Hall, New CIEC


March 28

11:00-12:00  Youngor Brand Strategy Press Conference

13:00-14:00  "Fashion A Time of Creativity Power" Press Conference

14:30-15:30  News Conference of Zhili - China Famous Town of Kids' Wear and Brand Cashmere Clothing


March 29 

09:40-10:40  City of Casual Wear - Shishi Press Conference

11:10-12:10  North America and E.U Apparel Market Trend Presentation of Texworld USA APP HTFSE and CTAF (PARIS)

13:00-14:30  Garment Industry Promotion Meeting of Xunxian County in Henan's Hebi City

15:00-16:00  2nd West China (Yinchuan) Clothing & Accessories Arts Festival 3rd China Ningxia International Cashmere Expo

16:30-17:30  WGSN Seminar:Global Fashion Trends Forecast-10/11 F/W & Future


March 30

11:10-12:10  Mode Shanghai Press Conference

15:00-16:00  Dadida- Read It, Wear It" News Conference

16:30-17:30  How to Enter China's Market for Foreign Brands Seminar


The above schedule is updated up to March 16, 2010. The name and content of the activities is subject to the final version published by the organizer.

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