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Zhoucun District, Zibo city, Shandong Province

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As one district of Zibo known as hometown of silk, Zhoucun has an area of 263 square km and a population of 32,000. Since the reform and opening-up, its textile industry has made a rapid progress. Based on statistics of 2003, the textile industry outcome value is 10.1 billion RMB as 44% out of the total industry outcome value. The industry makes profits of 400 million RMB as 40% from the total profits while export value is 1.37 billion RMB as 72% of the total export.

Currently, led by bed cover, jeans, wool blanket, and silk, the district has established an industry chain composed of reeling, spinning, weaving, dyeing & finishing, garment, and products. The annual production volume of bed cover is 120,000 ton of yarns, 90 million meter of jeans, 6.8 million blankets, and 50 million meter silk. By the end of 2003, Zhoucun has 1,377 enterprises with 75,000 staff, 4.7 billion capital, and 19,000 facilities 40% of which are advanced in China and 2,380 of which are made in foreign countries. The rational structure within the district covers from low to high value markets.

Lanyan, brand for jeans, has been awarded as famous national mark and other brands have achieved recognition within the province as Xiongying, Zhongjing, feishi, weier and other 30 brands. 22 enterprises have accredited by ISO9000 and exported to Japan, Korea, America, Europe and other countries. The Textile Global Professional Market founded in 1990 has made radiation on the district and domestic markets and its annual sales reached 3.8 billion RMB in 2003. The strong intellectual support is provided by 2,100 professional technologists, 2 provincial develop centers, 5 provincial research institutes, and a long-term cooperation relationship with 16 colleges and universities.

The textile industry has played a leading role in the economy development of Zhoucun that has made a detailed development strategy for the key industry. Within its economic development zone of 32 square km, it has a complete design for thermoelectricity plant, wastewater treatment plant, transportation and other infrastructure as well as attractive policy to encourage enterprises to move their plants into this zone. By 2010, the textile industry of Zhoucun will obtain the total outcome value of 38.4 billion RMB and the sales income of 35.6 billion RMB.

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