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Located in Changjiang Delta and separated with Shanghai, an international metropolitan city, by a river, Haimen, honored with the titles of "Mini-Pudong in Golden Delta" and "Home of Crops and Cottons", enjoys fast development in fields of the textile, construction, scientific technology, education and longevity. The overall GDP of Haimen in 2003 hit 16.57billion yuan and the fiscal revenue reached 1.15billion yuan. As one of the four pillar industries of Haimen, the textile industry covers sectors of chemical fiber, cotton, weaving, dyeing and printing, knitting, garments, finished product and textile machinery, which matches each other while enjoying their own features.

In 2003, 858 textile enterprises in Haimen, among which 12 are enterprises with annual output value exceeding 100million yuan, realized 15.03billion yuan output value, accounting for 34.2% of that created by the all industries, and sales income of 14.08billion yuan, taking up 34.5% of the whole. The main products of the textile industry in Haimen include yarns with the yearly output reaching 48thousand tons, cloths with 95million meters of output each year, 385million meters of  dyed and printed cloths, 45million pieces of garments and 34.2million pieces of quilt covers each year. More than 80 textile enterprises in Haimen have passed the identification of ISO19000 and some have been through the identification of ISO14000. Equipped with 350thousand spindles, over 6000 looms, 3000-odd sewing machines for industrial use and more than 30 printing lines of all kinds, the textile industry of Haimen earned by itself about US$121million of foreign exchange in 2003, accounting for 68.7% of that of the whole city. The output value realized by the textile industry in 2004 registered 20billion yuan.

During the 11th Five-year Plan, the local government makes the plan for the prior development of the textile industry with an aim to upgrade the industrial level and escalate profits. Relying on Chinese famous embroidery town, where Sanxing Shiqiao Home Textile Industrial Park is located, the textile industry will be pushed into a new round of growth, targeted to realize 55billion yuan of output value in 2010.

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