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Changle City of Fujian Province

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Located in the central part along southeast coastline of Fujian Province, Changle is the famous hometown for Chinese in Taiwan that is just separated from the city by a strait. As to the more-than-2,000-year history of Changle, it was known as Wuhang, because both Fuchai, the King of the state of Wu in the Warring States Period, and Sunquan, the king of the state of Dongwu in the Three Kingdom Period, once made ships and drilled army in this area. It also was the departure port for the seven navigations led by the Chinese eunuch Admiral Zheng He in Ming Dynasty. Changle was promoted from a county to a city with permission of the State Council on Feb. 18th, 1994. Currently, the city has become one of coastline economic development zones and one trial basis for comprehensive reform in Fujian Province. Its 2004 annual production value is 13.56 billion RMB, fiscal revenue is 1.25 billion RMB, and total industry value is 30.9 billion RMB, as one of top 100 cities in China as well as top 10 cities in Fujian Province.

As one origin of grass-root industry in Fujian Province, Changle has established an integrated textile industry system composed of spinning, knitting, dyeing & printing, garment, chemical fiber, etc. In 2004, the industry has achieved a total outcome value of 14.85 billion RMB as 48.1% of the whole city's industry. At present, there are 893 textile companies and 131,000 staff. Among these enterprises, 138 are large-scale ones whose annual industry outcome value is 11.1 billion RMB. The annual production volume of chemical fibers is 160,000 ton of differentiated polyester, nylon, etc., as 30% of the total volume of Fujian Province. Its cotton weaving industry can produce 2 million spindles and its annual production of polyester, nylon, rayon, and other mixed fibers is 40,000 ton as the largest manufacturing and trade basis for raw materials of cotton textile. Warp knitting sector has over 200 warp looms with annual output of warp-knitted fabric 120,000 tons. Its national brands are Baoquan polyester gray yarns, Jinquan yarns, Heshun chemical filament, Jinhe weft-knitted blanket, Ganggui casual garment, Youliang jeans, etc.

Aiming at the goal of a textile city with double 10 billion, Changle will make full use of the opportunity and reinforce its leading mechanism, design its completely innovative develop strategy of textile industry, and reform the industry & production structure; it also plans to rationalize the regional distribution, establish the group advantage, improve the resource allocation, expand the industry chain; in addition, the city will encourage the construction of a platform for textile market and the development of group companies, promote its brands and the strategy of sustainable development, and increase its comprehensive competitive ability.

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