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Taicang City of Jiangsu Province

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The city is situated on the south bank of Changjiang River, south-east of Jiangsu Province, covering 823 square kilometers, 649 of which is land, populated with 450,000 people. Taicang got its name from the royal barn by Wu Kingdom during the Spring & Autumn Period in Chinese History, and used to be a big port in the East, and was once named as " Harbor of Six Kingdoms", " No. 1 Harbor on Earth" during the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Zheng He, a historically-famous navigator in the Ming Dynasty lifted up anchor to start on his sea-faring journey right from this harbor, and he made 7 sea-going journeys as recorded in history. Since the reform & opening policy was implemented , the economy has been growing very fast in the city took the lead in stepping up into a well-off society as early as in the late 80s' last century. 2003 witnessed its fiscal revenues for RMB2.162 billion, fulfilling the industrial output value for RMB 43.5 billion.

The textile industry is a mainstay sector of the city's industrial economies, with a rational & complete industrial & product structures in possession of cotton textile, wool textile, knitting textile, garment, chemical fiber, dyeing & finishing, handcrafted shoes & rugs in the number of 1002 enterprises, and 54,000 employees , 7.8% of whom are engineers & technicians. In 2003, the industrial output value in the textile sector amounted to RMB15.23 billion , with the total assets valued at RMB12.28 billion , export value for US$ 257.26 million to account for 35%, 32% and 22% respectively of the city's totals, and with a production of 136,800 tons of yarn, 120 million units of garment, 400,000 tons of texturized filament, 481.60 million meters of fabrics, 7.2 million square meters of carpets, 410,000 pieces of automobile rugs, 52.22 million pairs of various handcrafted shoes. A number of famous brands from the advantageous sectors of industry come into spotlight, such as Xingshi, Taichang, Aiyingjie, Meitai.  Above 30% of the equipment have measured up to the international level equivalent to that of 90s' last year.

The textile industrial park covers 25 square kilometers, with three economic segments and two features, namely, Shaxi Textile Segment, Huangjing Textile Segment, Fuqiao Garment Segment, Xiang Tang Slippers in Guizhuang, Profiled Rugs for Automobiles in Cheng Xiang Town. The city is continuing to take the textile industry as the mainstay economic sector of city’s industries to strive for further growth.

Economy & Trade Commission of Taicang City, Jiangsu Province

Address:10 East Street of Xianfu, Chengxiang Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province

P.C.: 215400

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