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Tongzhou City of Jiangsu Province

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In the southern part of Jiangsu and the northern bank of the entrance to the sea of Yangzi River, Tongzhou city, having an area of 1351 square kilometers and the population of 1.29million, enjoys  geographical advantages. As one of China’s top 100 cites and towns with regard of integrated economic strength over past years, Tongzhou was awarded the City with Good Result of Scientific &Technological Work and Sanitary City in China. Tongzhou is crowned with Hometown of Construction, a land flowing with milk and honey and Town of Textile Industry.

The textile and clothing industry of Tongzhou has more than 2000 enterprises and forms a complete textile economic system constituted with cotton spinning, colored weaving, wool spinning, dyeing&finishing, garment and textile machinery sectors. Cotton, wool, flax, silk and chemical fiber, five categories, are all covered by the textile industry of Tongzhou. Tongzhou accommodates more than 100 enterprises having advantageously large scales such as Jiangsu DiAo Group, Jiangsu Jiabao Group Co.,Ltd, Nantong Huawei Sports Wear Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Yalun Group, Nantong Zhongjin Dress Ornament Co.,Ltd and Nantong Aima Group. 260 high-grade products with well-known registered marks like GuYuwan high count falx yarn, Shanque high count pure cotton poplin and tubular fabric, Di’ao fashion and Baoman bedding articles and Lansiyu bedding articles, which enjoy a popular market in USA, France, Japan etc, more than 40 countries and regions, come from Tongzhou. Chuangang, Jiangzao, Jinsha, Zhang Zhishan and Renxing industrial parks for the home textile, colored weaving and garment industry are located in Tongzhou. Tongzhou Zhihao Textile Embroidery and Fabric Market is the largest fabric and finished goods market for the home textile industry in China, where the annual sales value exceeds 3billion yuan. China Home Textile Industrial City with totally 1.7billion yuan investment is under construction. Colored Weaving Industrial City in Xianfeng Town has opened all around, which is expected to be China’s famous production base of colored woven fabrics in 2004.

Contact: Tongzhou Economic Development Committee

Add: No 138 People Rd Jinsha Town Tongzhou Jiangsu

Zip code: 226300

Contacting person: Sun Yan

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Fax: 0513-6548692

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