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Puning City of Guangdong Province

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Puning City is the reputed Shirt Kingdom as the textile has been highly developed. Over 1,400 scaled textile and apparel companies are located in the city, achieving the year output of RMB 10 billion’s and the annual capacity of 1.3 billion pieces. The city took 1/3 of the provincial famous brands assessed in 2002. The city produces the complete variety of garments and has the complete facilities. The matured industrial chain has been built, covering the closely connected sectors of spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, accessories, spare parts, design, manufacturing and sales. Numerous famous foreign brands have been crowding into the city for products for processing and manufacturing. The complete local logistic facilities as R&D, test and transportation and the huge market have consolidated the industrial strength. In the fierce market competition, Puning textile and apparel industries take the credit and quality into the prior consideration and keep to the constant innovation while implementing the strategies of brand development and group-driven advancement. A group of leading companies that are capital-intensive, talent-intensive, info-intensive and knowledge-intensive has come forth and is guiding the development trend of textile and apparel industries.

Puning Municipal Givernment

Address: Liusha Avenue, Puning City, Guangdong

P.C. 515300

Tel: 0663-2239668

Fax: 0663-2224340

Email: puning@puning.gov.cn

Website: www.puning.gov.cn

Puning Garment & Textile Association

Address: 2 Hebin Rd., Liusha, Puning City, Guangdong

P.C. 515300

Tel: 0663-2232715   2225380


Email: dress@cn-fashion.net

Website: www.cn-fashion.net

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